Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How do I do this?!?!?

Well.... This is it! .... my last.... email...... 
I'm really not sure what you're supposed to say at this point... 
For all those wondering, yes, I'm excited to see my family and friends and utah and everything- But to be honest... I just don't realize how excited I am... haha But I know that will hit sooner than later:) 
But yeah, It's so hard to realize that my mission here in the Canada Calgary Mission is over. 
This has become my home and I am so incredibly grateful for every single experience I have had here. 
We found out Sunday night that Sister Melville is getting transferred out of our area. Yup... We're getting purged. When that happened I don't think I've ever felt such a gut-wrenching feeling come over so quickly. Sister Melville and I have worked so hard the last 2 transfers to turn this area around, and we have seen sooo many miracles as we have. We have gone from 1 investigator to 10 investigators with 2 on-date. I don't mean to so that in a boasting way. But it helps illustrate the enormous change that has taken place here. It's been really hard knowing that all those people that we love and are working so hard with will be left in the hand of missionaries that don't know them yet. But I know God has a plan, and elders serving here is part of that I guess. 
So we have been busier than we have time for the last couple of days. We have appointments through the roof, and now we have to try and get the area prepared for 2 new people to come in. But my goal in all of this is to give them the help and information I would have given my right arm for when I purged into Carburn Park with Sister Ence last year! 

So enough of that! 
It's been a good week! Full of lots of emotional ups and downs though. How do you say goodbye to the people and the place that has changed your life forever? It really is impossible. But I'm grateful that's it's not really goodbye. 

The 18 months of my life have been the greatest learning experience I have ever had. It's funny though.... I remember people always saying that "serving a mission was the hardest thing they've ever done." And that "If you don't want to go home by the end of your mission then you didn't work hard enough." And maybe those are all true things for them- but I have felt that serving my mission has been the easiest thing I have ever done. It has been the easiest because I know I have had the Savior right my side the whole way. Yes, there have been hard moments. But they were only moments. And I can testify that every single one of those moments have "work[ed] together for [my] good" in the end (D&C 98:3). And honestly, I could do this for the rest of my life. I think, for me anyway, when I really let the Lord be my partner in this work, and share the burden of everything I've gone though, it has given me unfailing, and unending desire to continue. I have gotten a glimpse at the joy that is really meant to come from enduring to the end. When you do it right, when you do it with the Savior, it really does become a joyful journey. Even in the midst of the very hardest moments. And that's what I"m taking with me when I go home. Trust the Savior. And when I say that, I don't mean just trust in the idea of a savior, and wish things will all turn out okay somehow in the end. I mean trust HIM. He is a real, and close friend. He is our brother. He loves YOU. Right here. Right now. And He knows what lies ahead of you on your journey. Please don't forget Him. Don't pass up the literal greatest ally you have, and ever could have in this life. Choose Him. Be on HIS team. Put Him FIRST in your life. The application of these things is what has changed me forever. And please- don't get me wrong. I am not perfect at doing this. Like I said, I've had hard moments on my mission. And most of them have been self-inflicted. Times when I have forgotten this very crucial lesson. But I love the Lord. I love my Father. And I am learning how to keep on trying. How to let Them pick me up a little bit sooner than I have in the past. 
I know the gospel is real. 
I know our loving older brother Jesus Christ came to this earth to live a perfect life. To set the perfect example for you. For me. And I know that it is because He could do that that He was worthy to suffer and die for my every mistake. Every rebellion. Every short-coming.
I loved Elder Robert C Gay's message in the ensign:
"May you understand that this is not a journey into the known but the unknown—it is a path of faith and integrity to the voice of the Holy Ghost that ultimately demands your sacrifice to be more than just good or less sinful but to become holy and consecrated.
In all of this my prayer is that each of you may find the strength to obey and repent as needed to live a life, dictated by the Spirit within, that bears witness that Jesus Christ is your priority."
As we make Christ our priority every thing else works out! I really does!
Maybe not in the way that the rest of the world would imagine as a "successful and happy life" would be, but we know better:) 

I love you all soo much! thank you for all the love and support and prayers you have given me over these last 18 months! You have made all the difference:) 
For those of you still serving, Keep up the great work! You are in my prayers! 
And for those of you home, I'll see you soon! 

My homecoming is going to be August 13th at 9:00am at 56 East 600 North Lindon Utah:)
And there will be details about when you can come by house on the facebook page my mom made:) Just FB message Carol Dobyns for the details if you would like to come by! I'd love to see you all:) 

Sister Dobyns 
Canada Calgary Mission❤ 

All the goodbye's

service project this week:) 

My favorite Girls! :)