Monday, March 28, 2016

Well, it has been quite the bitter-sweet week here for me and Sister Allard! 
So for our area, we cover two different wards that are next to each other - 17th ward, and Bow Valley ward. But the Bow Valley ward is a really big area that makes it really hard for us to do much around there on the weeks we don't have a car. So President Miles called us Tuesday night at 10:26pm --so basically when we were about to say our prayers and go to bed-- and he told us that next week we would officially only cover 17th ward, and our sister training leaders are going to move down to Bow Valley instead of covering the Banff area! (Banff is the place in the mountains that everyone told me was gorgeous before I came out. They go all the way to Lake Louise) So now there will be a set of senior missionaries that cover that area... Which is a huge bummer because that means I will never get to go there while I'm on my mission (President doesn't allow us to go there on Pdays). 
So that is going to be a HUGE adjustment! Most of the people we have been working with are in Bow Valley, so that's really disappointing, but I know they will be in good hands with Sister Trimble and Sister Blaser. 
Also! No one has said anything yet, but I am guessing that we are also going to lose the car entirely now! The sisters we share the car with have a much bigger area than us, and the STL's always get a car, so I think they are just going to make 17th a full-time bus area... And I'm honestly hoping that doesn't happen, but it seems like the logical thing to do. 

Also on Tuesday I officially experienced the 2-dinners-in-1-night that every missionary I know has told me about! And let me tell you... I would never recommend that experience to anyone! Holy Cow! We went to our dinner appointment with our ward mission leader, and after that we went to our teaching appointment with a less active member that we had tracked into the other day, and when we showed up, he had us sit at the table, and fed us a whole second meal!! I had been complaining about how full I was to sister Allard before we even got to his house, so you can only imagine how I felt by the time we had finished with him. 😖 I'm also very sad to say I don't think there is any plausible way I am going to be able to come home from my mission not weighing 20 pounds more... The members here feed us SO much, and they give us dessert every single night! And when you try to say no thank you to seconds, or dessert they become even more determined to make you eat more, and take some home with you. It's a much bigger problem than you would think... And there's just not enough time or equipment to be able to exercise enough to counter the effects!

But as far as investigators go, this week was kind of a bust! It was Spring Break for everyone, and then they also get an Easter Break that is today and tomorrow, so seriously everybody fled the country! Turns out whenever Canadians get the chance, they leave Canada... at least that's the case here in Calgary! It's pretty funny, but lame at the same time because we couldn't meet with any of our investigators!
Yesterday the stake here rebroadcast the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's performane of the Messiah, and we had several people commit to coming and then either bailed at the last second, or just didn't show up... so that was a little extra dash of disappointment... 
But all is well! I know things will pick up again this week once everyone is back and working, and can't use the holiday as an excuse to ditch us;) 

Easter was pretty anticlimatic too actually... I don't know, something about not waking up to a trail of candy from my room to the family room like I have every other year of my life... haha just kidding! But I really missed our family get togethers, and big Easter dinner! We had dinner with a family from South America who made some of their countries traditional food that was super different, and it was super rushed too! So it didn't really feel like Easter at all. 
Shout out to Brit and her amazing Easter eggs too! I was craving those all day!! 

So that's it for this week really! Sorry, not a whole lot of interesting things happened! So that makes for a pretty lame e-mail. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
I love you all, and will hopefully have some better stories for you next week!
-Sister Dobyns

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We made cookies last monday for our bishops and less-actives! 

Inline image 2\
Just to give you an idea of what my area looks like... we're losing the whole bottom area! 

Inline image 4
You can see on the white board on the floor our list of less-active members in our area! Blue is 17th ward, and green is Bow Valley! So now we were only working with the people in blue! 

Inline image 5
Starting from scratch! Pretty sad moment to say goodbye to so many people! 

Inline image 6
We had a crazy storm the other day! It finally felt like winter a little bit! Sadly we didn't have the car that day.

​This my zone and Mission President and his wife! :) 

Inline image 7
These pictures now are from sister Allard- this is from my first week in the field! Picking up the sisters we share the car with for pday! 

Inline image 8
That awkward moment where you and your companion match way too much... 

Inline image 9
One of our member's library collection (there is about 4x as much not photographed)

Inline image 10
This was after we got home at 11:30 that one night of busing chaos... 

Inline image 11
Don't mind the wild bunnies here roaming around freely like chickens in hawaii

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ah yes, the wonderful life of being a missionary... 
Where to even begin! That is the struggle every week! 

For starters! There has been a rumor circulating that we might be loosing one of our wards! There is just so much work to be done in our area, the mission president is talking about getting another set of missionaries for just the Bow Valley Ward, and then Sister Allard and I would just cover the 17th ward! That is such a bitter-sweet thing because I have really come to know and love the members, and investigators in that ward, but it is a really good thing that the work is continuing to grow, and so more missionaries are needed to be able to get everything done! I honestly can't even imagine how much easier our lives would be if we only had one ward though... I just think we could be SO effective, and really be able to reach out to everyone that we simply don't have the time for right now. 

Okay so last Monday, Sister Allard and I met with a woman named Debrah. Sister Allard and her previous companions had just bumped into her on the street a few weeks ago, and we'd been trying to set up a time to meet with her since, but she was being kind of flaky, and would cancel on us at the last minute all the time. But we finally met up with her and her friend. And the kindest way of phrasing how things went that night is to say that it was a very interesting, and informative experience. 
Debrah and her friend are members of the Truth church. and for those of you who don't know... they have a lot of similar beliefs to our church. But then they also have quite a bit of things that are very very different. 
After we had sat down, she started asking what we believe in, and of course, that is the whole lesson that we have prepared to talk about! But we could not get 2 full sentences in about anything without her coming in and asking us to show her where it says that in the bible.
.  .  .  sooo then she and her friend continued to enlighten us on exactly what it is that THEY believe. As it turned out, they had come prepared with a lesson to teach that night as well. So we sat for about an hour and listened to her and her experiences with her church. 
Now don't get me wrong, I am very impressed with the amount of faith and devotion Debrah has for Christ! I've just never been invited to a missionary discussion for another church, especially when they know that I am currently serving a full-time mission of my own.. 
Anyway! We finished with her around 9:15, so we knew we needed to race home as quick as we could, but we didn't have the car, and we were on the very border of our area, that was the furthest from our apartment. 
Debrah's friend said that she lives in Ranchlands too, so she told us to go around the corner and get on the 10 bus, and it would take us straight home. 
Long story short- it did not take us straight home. 
For the next 2 hours we were busing all over Calgary. We didn't make it home until 11:30!! Needless to say, I was on the verge of tears all night, but was doing everything I could to hold it in so Sister Allard wouldn't feel even worse than she already did! But once we got back to our apartment, I collapsed on the floor and cried silent tears of joy to be home again safe. 
(Sorry mom, I know those aren't the kind of stories you want to hear, but at least it was a happy ending!) 

Then on Tuesday we had Zone Conference! And that was amazing! President and Sister Miles came out and taught us a lot of really amazing things! AND... They announced that Elder Christofferson and Elder Martino are coming to speak to our mission on April 16th!!!!! So I am crazy excited for that! 

Also, I hit my one month mark on the 17th! 
I cannot believe it!
Everyone has told me how fast a mission goes by, but I honestly was having a really hard time believing that until I realized that I have already been a missionary for a full month!! And April 1st will mark my one month in Canada date! So that is really crazy! You really have to make every day count, because the next thing you know, you've let another month go by! Today is Day 34 of the wonderful life of being a missionary! Time is flying by too fast! 

On Thursday Sister Allard and I did some LAST MINUTE exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders! We were supposed to do them next week, but they called and said that they can't make that work, and asked if there was anyway we could do them that day instead. We said sure, and then 10 minutes later they called back and said that they couldn't pull it off because they didn't have enough clicks (Kilometers we're allowed to drive per month) to get down here. (They live in Banff, which is the beautiful place everyone told me about when I got my call. It's about an hour and half away from our area.) So we just decided we wouldn't do exchanges this transfer. 
But then...a few hours later, they called us back and told us that they had been praying about it, and they really felt like they needed to do exchanges today! So they jumped in their car and headed down, and got to our apartment at 7:50! We had an appointment with a less-active at 8, so when they pulled up, we all jumped into our cars, and Sister Blaser (Blah-zer) and I raced off to Jeremy's house! 
We had a really great lesson about prayer, and then we went home to do our planning for the next the day.
In the morning, the sisters we share the car with called and asked if they could have the car at 10:45, but we had been planning on trading right before dinner! So Sister Blaser and I had to totally change our plans! We ended up doing some service in the morning with some elders in our district. We were collecting donations for the food bank! After that, we did a lot of walking! We went to visit a less-active who lived near the church where we were going to have dinner, and along the way, we talked to 3 different women that I think are going to be really promising! We gave a restoration pamphlet to one, and an Easter message pass-along card to the second one, and the third we gave a Book of Mormon! We got all of their information, and will be visiting them this week! 
I really learned a lot with working with Sister Blaser because she is really good at just opening her mouth, and letting Heavenly Father do the rest! 

Yesterday Sister Allard and I taught Andy again! 
He came to us with some questions about the Word of Wisdom, so we were able to talk about that for a little while, and then we taught him the first, restoration lesson! Andy is so amazing, and always has the PERFECT answers! When we told him about coffee, he was like "Well, I guess I better go home and throw that out!" 
I was completely blown away by his amazing desire to follow Christ in any way he can! 

Anywho! Time is a little short today, so that's all I've got!
Life is wonderful, and the gospel is true! 
Keep on keeping on, and I will talk to you next week!
<Lots of Love and Hugs!> 

Sister Dobyns 

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Just a glimpse at what my P-days consist of... 

Inline image 2
My FIRST Canadian Snow!!! (The weather is ridiculously bipolar here...)

Inline image 3
We had dinner at this sweet couples house, and he showed me all of his wood carvings! I don't know if you can tell, but they are crazy impressive!! 

Inline image 4
That awkward moment when you're a missionary and you forget that St Patrick's day is a thing, and you don't even know when it is, so you show up to dinner and get pinched by everyone in sight... 

Inline image 5

Inline image 6
Just to give you an idea of the amazing person I live with... 
Today I woke up and felt really really sick, and once I finally got myself ready for the day, I found this on my study notebook... 

Monday, March 14, 2016

What a wild week! 
So Sister Allard and I only get our car every other week. And we had the car the day I got to my new area, so I really had no idea how amazing it is when you have a car. It just seemed normal, and expected to me. But this last week.... I have truly learned to count my many blessings! Namely, OUR CAR! We have been taking the Bus/Train since last Tuesday morning, and don't get it again until tomorrow night after zone conference! 
So last tuesday, Sister Allard and I were going to go visit one of our less-active members that struggles with depression, but we didn't show up to her apartment until 2 hours after we had originally planned! So the struggle has been quite real as we try to navigate the bus system, and unfailingly get on the wrong bus almost every single time... So then we have to get off the bus, and we wait for a different bus to come that is going the other direction. But every time we have done that, we have to wait for about 30 minutes, and then the same bus that we had gotten off of pulls up, and the driver laughs at us as we awkwardly climb back onto their bus... Then after a few minutes we get back off, and just walk the rest of the way, which usually takes about 40 minutes to do... 
Anyway! It's been pretty nuts! Needless to say I can't wait until tomorrow night! 

Good news! I still love my companion! Haha so no need to worry mom! She is still the best companion and trainer I could have ever hoped for! Honestly, there is not a single thing that she does that could bother me... she is perfect. It's a little intimidating actually... But no, I love her so so much, and am grateful for her every single day! 
Also, mom will probably be glad to hear that the speed limits ("Maximums" in Canada) are SOOO slow! In a school zone, you drive the equivalent of 15 mph. Which doesn't seem too bad, but in Canada, or atleast my area, there are school zones EVERYWHERE! And they are longer distances, and they are from 7am to 9pm, instead of "when lights are flashing" 
So I can basically run as fast as we are usually driving... 
The fastest I have ever driven is equal to 60mph, so again, even on the fastest part of the freeway... life is slower here. And that's totally good as a missionary. We're never in a big hurry when we have the car, so all is well. Just letting you know that the roads are really safe here. Not to mention the Robo Cops... 
There are cameras on almost every street that can detect when you are going over the speed limit. They are always on, and they just snap a picture of your car, and license plate. You don't even know anything happened until you get a ticket in the mail one day for several hundreds of dollars. 
You learn not to ever speed really quickly after that! (That has never happened to me- But other missionaries have told me all about the horrors of that moment.) 

ESL is still great! I love getting to meet all sorts of new people there every week! We even had a woman from china, and her daughter come to sacrament meeting with us this week! So that is really cool! Unfortunetly she's not in our ward so we can't teach her, but I think the Elders that speak mandrain are looking into them! 

A LOT of our time as missionaries is spent just doing service. So we mostly just help people clean... We have basically done it all, and it's only been a week. I have helped clean, and set up a new apartment at a women's shelter; I have helped organize boxes in a horders home; I have vacuumed up bags and bags and bags of animal hair from a womans stairs; I have helped box up things for someone moving out of our ward; and we've done a lot of visiting people who just need a friend.  
It's been a really great experience. It's true what they say- When you serve someone, you really grow to love them very quickly! 

So this week has been a really amazing week for us! We have had a lot of problems, but have somehow made it out on top of everything anyway! I know that is because Heavenly Father knows how much we love him, and how hard we are trying to serve him with all our Hearts, Might, Mind, and Strength! 
Sister Allard has not felt too good this week. She has been getting migraines on and off  that just get worse until she lays down and sleeps for a while. 

That has left me with a lot of Personal Study time in our apartment. 
I have spent a lot of that time just reading the Book of Mormon again! I read 100 pages in just 2 days! So I have really been able to see how the stories really all flow together. I am trying to finish the whole book by Easter! So I will have read it in 15 days! The rest of my mission got the challenge to read the Book of Mormon by Easter back at Christmas, so this is my mad rush to join in on the challenge! So wish me luck! 

We have also had lessons with several of our investigators this week, and actually got a new investigator yesterday! I am REALLY excited about him, because he is my first investigator I have gotten to teach from the beginning! 
His name is Andy, he is 18yrs old, and is a senior in High School. 
His dad served a mission in Korea, and then went back to korea and married his mom. They moved to Canada before Andy was born, and were active members until he was about to turn 8 yrs old! He doesn't know or remember why, but they just stopped going to church. And now both his parents are living in korea again, and he's here living on his own! He doesn't remember really anything about the gospel, but he said that he remembers that he just used to feel happier, and better about life, and he wants that feeling back, so he thought he should try coming to church again!! So there is a boy in our ward who is also a senior in HS and (side track: he is going to be an AMAZING missionary! He is so natural about sharing the gospel, it's so incredible!) he invited him to come to our ward, and he came! This Sunday of all weeks! When you loose an hour of sleep! That is just one proof to me that he is really ready to hear this message! 
We originally thought that he had already been baptized because a member from our ward remembers his family from when they came to church, and remembered him being around 8 years old, but at one point, somebody asked him about when he was baptized, and how much of it he remembers and he said that he never was! So we got really excited about his interest in the church again.  He came to our Sunday School class that we go to, and after the class we set up a time to see him later that night! 
The first lesson went amazing! We talked about the plan of salvation because in Sunday School we were talking about the millennium, and he seemed pretty confused.. So we just focused on the Savior, His Atonement, and God's love and plan for us. He took it all in SO well, and we set up another time to meet with him this week! So hopefully the next lesson goes just as well!! :)

Oh! And the other day we were just going to drop by one of our investigators houses because the last time the sisters were there they didn't set up a return appointment for some reason... So we just popped by around 7:30pm, (Her name is Nadia, and she is from Haiti!) and she just let us come in! She has 4 kids. A 2yr old girl, 4yr old girl, 6yr old boy, and 8 yr old boy! 
When we walked in, the 2yr old was sitting in a little chair getting her hair braided into corn rows by a family friend. She was bawling at the top of her lungs. 
Sister Allard and I sat on the couch awkwardly for awhile and just watched the madness unfold. The 2 boys had been there at the door, but then left upstairs or something after we came in. The 4yr old had her hair done already, and was just running around, while we just sat and watched the poor 2 year old cry, and beg for her to stop. 
At one point, Nadia kinda started "singing" to her, to help her calm down, but she was having none of that! Then Sister Allard was like "Oh, Sister Dobyns is really good at singing!" And I just sat there awkwardly, and was like... uh... sure... not really... It was just a really weird thing and time to say that I thought. Nadia and her friend pretended to be interested by that for about half a second, and then turned their attention back to the girl. (They also spoke french, so all the kids names were french and I don't know how to spell them... ) 
After about 2 minutes, the thought just kept running through my head "sing! Sing to this girl to help calm her down!" I dismissed the thought because I felt like that would be really weird! I had never even met these people before tonight, I wasn't about to try and console her daughter - I felt like that would come across as me thinking I could help her daughter better than her or something. 
Then the scripture in D&C popped into my head about God giving us talents for the benefit of this children. 
That made me feel pretty bad, so I got up off the couch, and knelt down infront of the little girl. I took her hands, and just started singing really quietly. 
The friend scoffed at me, and told me that it wouldn't help, but I just kept looking at the little girl and singing. By the second verse of my smash hit "somewhere over the rainbow" she stopped crying, and was just staring at me with the most intense eyes. 
After that, I started singing primary songs, and church hymns. 
Nadia had the biggest smile on her face when I started singing Nearer my God to Thee. She said "I know this one!" And started singing along with me in french!
So the friend was able to finish her hair, and the girl was totally happy the rest of the night! 
We were able to show Nadia and her kids one of the really powerful videos about Christ, and end the night with her and her husband that came in later, promising to come to the broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing the Messiah on Easter! 
I am so grateful for the gifts that Heavenly Father has given each one of us. No matter what your gift is, I promise He will use it to help bless others. So don't think that you know better than He does. I know most of us think that for some crazy reason that WE'RE the exception. And our talents aren't really good enough to help someone. But you're wrong. No matter what it is. No matter how developed it is. And even if you aren't sure What it is. Heavenly Father will use it to bless the life of another one of His children. So don't shrug off a prompting when you get one. Be bold, and listen to what Heavenly Father is trying to tell you. I promise you that as you listen to , and ACT on the promptings you recieve, you will start to see the bigger picture. you will understand your role in Heavenly Father's plan. And you will become more comfortable doing anything and everything He asks you to do. 

I love you all, and think about you every single day!
I hope you all have a wonderful week, full of acting on the promptings you receive, no matter how little, big, strange, or random they may seem. 

Sister Dobyns

Inline image 2
This is Nadia's 2yr old before they finished her hair! 

Inline image 3
Taking the Train to the far reaches of Bow Valley!

Inline image 4
The most intense Planning session in Missionary History! 

Inline image 5
This is when we had been walking around in circles for 40 minutes... 

Inline image 6
Waiting for our first bus ride! (The smiles of innocence..)

Monday, March 7, 2016


CANADA! eh? 

Haha:) Turns out people really do say that A TON here! I actually really love it! And they call the bathroom the washroom, which I like... it sounds classier than a bathroom I think. And there's these things called photo cops here! Those are fun, I'll tell you all about that sometime that's not today... And the speed limits. I'll tell you all about the fun car experiences another week. 

Alright, here we go! 
SO I arrived in Canada on March 1st in the afternoon. It took forever to get my whole group of 18 missionaries through immigration and get everyone's visa's. Once we finished with that several hours later, we met our mission president and his wife! And oh my goodness I love them! They are the sweetest couple ever, and I am so grateful that they are my leaders. We slept at the mission president's house the first night, which was fun because we had 2 tiny bathrooms for 12 sister missionaries! Needless to say, I didn't get to take a warm shower that night. 
The next day, so wednesday, I met my new companion!!! YEAH!!! The moment you're all waiting for...

Her name is Sister Allard (Like Ballard, but without the B..) 
She is from Quebec! So her native language is actually french! But I honestly didn't even realize that for several hours because her english is AMAZING! She has been out for about a year now, so she's more than qualified to be my trainer! Some girls are being trained by a sister that just finished their training... soo I am very fortunate! 
I LOVE SISTER ALLARD!  So really great news!!! :) 
We get along SO easily, and she is the sweetest, most patient person I have ever met! I seriously love her. She also has a really beautiful singing voice! (BLESSED!) She always sings in the car and I love it, because you all know how hard it is for me to listen to someone sing that isn't super amazing.... haha But she has a wonderful voice, so I enjoy it a lot! 

Okay, so our area is the Calgary West Zone! So I am actually starting out right in the city! Crazy right? It has been really awesome! Sister Allard and I cover 2 wards, which is actually pretty uncommon in my mission. We cover the 17th, and Bow Valley wards. And our area is HUGE! When I realized how big each ward's boundries are, I couldn't help but think "Toto, I don't think we're in Utah anymore..." 

So we share our car with 2 other sisters. So we get the car every other week. This week we got the car. So tomorrow we have to drop it off to them, and walk or take the train everywhere... yeah canada... But anyway, because we share the car, we had to help them with their transfers too. So there was tons of driving around the first day. And guess what! I'M THE DRIVER! Sister Allard never got a drivers license, so I have to drive everywhere! I was really overwhelmed at first because I had no idea where I was going, or really what the laws are in Canada, so that was fun to figure out really quickly! I figured I'd have a while before even thinking about those things!

Thursday was when the real missionary work started. There is so much work to do in our area! Sister Allard said we will never go tracking unless we are going just for fun, or to have the experience because we have so many people we need to talk to already! Most of the work we've done so far has been service, for members and less-actives. And when we visit the less-actives we usually try to squeeze a lesson into our conversations. We have been fed dinner by members every single night since I've been here, and have appointments clear through March, so we hardly ever feed ourselves because most people feed us lunch when we are doing service for them in the day! The people are so sweet, and the members are amazing missionaries! I am really grateful for all the time and work they put into the work. They make our lives so much easier! 
There are tons of less actives in each ward, so we have been spending most of our efforts on them, while starting to teach 3 new people the lessons! I had no idea how quickly things would move along as soon as I got out into the field! We are running around non-stop everyday, and I'm really grateful for that. I feel like we are really using our time efficiently, and I get to meet so many wonderful people along the way!

Yesterday I got to go to both of our wards church blocks. We arrived at the church building around 8:30, and then we had the 9:00-12:00 block with the 17th ward, and then we did a little lesson planning in one of the classrooms until it was time for the 1:00-4:00 block with the Bow Valley ward to start. 
I was asked to stand and bear my testimony in both meetings because I am new to their wards, and they are so involved with missionary work, they wanted everyone to know who I was as quickly as possible! 
After the 2nd church block, we went straight over to a lesson with a less-active named Raul. He is a really awesome guy, who is going through quite of bit in his life right now, but he seemed to be keeping a good attitude throughout it all. I am really hopeful about him. After the lesson he told us his doors were always open for us to come drop by, so I am looking forward to that! 
As soon as we finished our lesson, we went to dinner at a members house again, and then went straight to ESL. That's where we go back to the church building and help people improve their english. There are so many cultures and ethnicities here! I couldn't believe it! The church has a program that allows people to come and work on their english for free on Thursday and Sunday nights. I really love ESL! I have worked with a Korean woman, an Arabic woman, and two Chineese men.
It has been a really intriguing, humbling experience. It's also an awesome missionary opportunity because they are always wondering why I spend my nights helping people with english for free. 

OKay! So there is the basics! Sorry, I have limited time, and want to make sure I can send some pictures too! 

So in summary, Life is great! 
I have honestly never been so happy in my whole life!
I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life. I hate to imagine where my life would be without it. I can promise you it would be a lot more miserable, and hard, and meaningless. 
I am so grateful for the hope, and purpose this gospel brings to my life. 
I am grateful for my Savior, and His infinite sacrifice He made for ME. 
Don't let a day go by where you don't take advantage of the Atonement. It is the greatest blessing we have ever received. It can help you every single day. It is not just for repentance. I know it will also bless your life with comfort, and peace, and direction. 
I know this is Christ's gospel restored on the earth today, and I know it is the best way to find a happy, meaningful life. I have seen it in my own life every day. 
Take the time to notice all the blessings you have right now. And remember where they came from. 

I love you all! and hope to hear from you soon! 

Stay golden! 

-Sister Dobyns

Inline image 15

Taking the Front runner to the Airport! 

Inline image 16

Finally made it to Calgary! 

Inline image 17

Inline image 1

Sister Allard was in a trio before I came, and they decorated the apartment for my arrival! They are so cute! There are balloons everywhere on the floor, with every green food you can think of!

Sister Allard was in a trio before I came, and they decorated the apartment for my arrival! They are so cute! There are balloons everywhere on the floor, with every green food you can think of!

Inline image 19
Inline image 20

My sweet sweet companion Sister Allard! 

Inline image 21

These are the Elders in my zone 
- not sure what their names are honestly...  
But the one in the very front is my zone leader...
or "my dad"? I don't really get that yet!

Inline image 22

Elders will be Elders!...

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Finally... Pictures from the MTC!

Inline image 3
My official Missionary Name Tag! (With my newbie dot!)

Inline image 4
Wish I would have had time to order a shirt! But they take 2 weeks to come, and this one was an XXL! 

Inline image 5
Ta-Da! The infamous map photo! 

Inline image 6
My amazing district! (don't mind me staring blindly into the sun!)
-Back row: Elder Hinckley, Elder Bright, Elder Johnson, Elder Cannon
-Front row: Sister Messick, Sister Black, ME, Sister Atkinson

Inline image 7
This is the sweet sister who was in the room next to us - She came in to check on us every night, and help us with anything she could!
Inline image 8
1/1,000,000 packages sent from my wonderful family! #MTC15

Inline image 9
Lunch with my favorite people! 

Inline image 10
Temple walk round 2! This is my Zone! 

Inline image 11
I love these girls so much! They are my hero's! 

Inline image 13
I love to see the Temple! 

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One night we had Taco Bell, and Sister Messick got the sauce packet on the left and cried out "I can't!" then she picked up the other one, and we all bust up laughing and crying...