Monday, November 28, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year! :D

What a week! 
It has been such a fun, and exhausting week!!! 

On Monday we got all together as a zone and had a bonfire with hot dogs and peach cobbler! Wow, it was such a fun time:) we just went to a park near our house, and all hung out in the freezing cold for a few hours:)
It was definitely one of my top pdays ever! :) 

Then on Tuesday we got together as a district before our district meeting and had breakfast together! We made crepes and everyone brought things to have with them, and it was a total blast! :) 

The reason why we did all of those fun things is because this week was transfers again!! Sister Halliday has been transferred down to Taber for her last 2 transfers in the mission. I'm so sad to see her go. I love her so so much, and am really disappointed we only got to be companions for a transfer:( 
But now I am with Sister Frandsen! Hooray! I love her a ton too! haha:)
We served around each other already when I was in the east, and were super tight, so when we found out we were going to be companions we both partied hard! :)
She is an amazing friend, and missionary and I know we are going to see so many miracles together! :D 

This week has been so cool because I have really just been able to see exactly how key the Savior is in literally everything we do. As Sister Frandsen met with people this weekend, it was amazing to see that Christ was the answer to every question, and every concern. I am so grateful for my Savior and for His perfect understanding of my life, and yours. And the love that He is ALWAYS offering to give us if we will only humble ourselves and accept His grace and mercy. 

Please remember. Whatever you are currently going through. Big or Small. Hard or Easy. Good or Bad. Please Please Remember that It all comes back to the Savior. It all comes back to Christ. I know that as we look for ways to remember Him, and use His Atonement in our lives every day we will see miracles in ourselves. Christ is the only way to happiness and peace. He is the only way to growth and progression. And He is the only way Home again. 

I want to invite each one of you to look up the Christmas Message the church released this week, and doing something about it each day. I am so grateful for this Christmas season when we are reminded of Christ so often, and all are striving to be a little more like Him. 

Please remember how much you are loved. and how infinitely important you are in the sight of God. Each one of you is an inspiration to me everyday of the person I hope to become. I have learned amazing things from each of your examples, and pray you will continue to be the beautiful light to the world that you are. 
Never give up hope. 
Never give up God. 
Pray to know what you can do to remember our Savior Jesus Christ just a little more, and a little better each day. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and this most wonderful time of the year!

Sister Dobyns:) 

Sister Halliday at transfers! 

our Fun Bonfire:) 

The sweet sisters in my zone:) 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Transfers Already??

Oh man! I can't believe transfers are this week again!! Even though we had a 7 week transfer it still managed to fly by all too quickly!! I guess that is thanks to my amazing companion Sister Halliday making every day enjoyable:) We don't officially know anything about transfers yet, but odds are she's leaving me:( So I'm really bummed about that! I'm always so sad when It's time to leave a companion, But I have also really loved each new one I get, so I know whatever happens will work out:) 

So this week we had some really great lessons with our Investigator:) We talked out all of the concerns that he had last weekend on tuesday, and well, after all having a good cry together, he was excited to keep meeting with 
us! He was able to come to stake conference saturday night and sunday! President Miles spoke Saturdaynight and said some really amazing things I was glad he was able to hear! 

We had house inspections this week, which is always really... fun haha:) 

We also had 2 exchanges this week! I went with Hermana Amaller on wednesday, and with Sister Dewsnup on Friday! Those were both really fun! I'm really grateful to be an STL just so I can get to know so many really cute sisters:) 

Random tender mercy of the week- Our investigator signed up on our dinner calendar to feed us one night, and so we went with another sister of the Ward to Boston Pizza, and when we got there He said that he invited 2 more mormon friends of his. THen walked in 2 members of my Carburn park ward!! So I got to drill them on how all the people we were teaching are, and that was super awesome:) 

And last little blurb for the week: After Stake Conference yesterday we had another lesson with our investigator, and we invited a member of our ward who helped him resolve some of his concerns last weekend, and then also invited 2 elders from another ward who were are the church for the conference. That wasn't a very normal thing to do, but Sister Halliday felt like that who we needed to bring. 
Then as we discussed The Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was soo cool to see how things played out, and there were little things that each person that came added to the lesson. As we were preparing the lesson, SIster Halliday and I discussed not emphasizing baptism as much as we usually would this time because we felt he was getting a little frustrated by that. But then as we talked, and taught about the Gospel, the conversation just naturally flowed to a beautiful point where we had one of the best talks about baptism i've ever had! He didn't agree to baptism yet still, but we talked about some really good things that he is thinking about this week, and i'm excited to hear what he thinks about it this upcoming week:)

Things are going great here:) I love every day! I can't say that enough!  
Being a missionary is the greatest thing you could ever do! man, I love it!! !:) 

Thank you for all the love and support!
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Dobyns:) 
Exchanges with Sister Dewsnup! 

All the selfies with SIster Halliday:)

Exchanges with Hermana Amaller

Sister Halliday really enjoying her fruity pebbles from the states! (Thanks mom!) 

Pday at the Remmingtons! SO MUCH FUN! :) 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Give it all to Him

This was... one of the single hardest weeks of my mission. 
Now I don't mean to worry anyone, because things are going great now! And I can only tell you that 11 November 2016 was the hardest day of my mission because it's over now, and life is well. I have learned to trust God so much more than I have before this week. 
Okay, now just remember, I have had a very wonderful, cushy mission, so saying it was the worst day and week doesn't mean much in comparison to anyone else. I recognize, and am grateful that I haven't had many hardships in my mission yet. 

In retrospection, it wasn't all that bad of a week! :) 
We had our Zone training meetings which both went really well:) 
We were able to see 2 new less actives, and 2 more less actives that we have been trying to get a hold of since I got here! And we got our flu shots! :) 

So what made this week so difficult you may ask? 
Well, as it turned out, in a 72 hour time frame everyone we have been working with, or trying to work with either (1) Dropped us, (2) Cancelled all appointments with us, or (3) had some sort of major challenge, or trial occur that set them back a ton! 
Now this isn't actually the first time I've had a week like this on my mission. 
But for some reason, this week it was simply particularly hard to focus on the bright side, and keep moving forward. 
I have always been the missionary who doesn't let much get me down, and if it does, I don't stay down very long (I know, hard to believe for those who knew me pre-mission). But this week, for whatever reason, each person that walked away, or slammed the door, or gave up on the gospel felt so personal. And after blow, after blow, after blow, I felt like I had reached the bottom of pit that was slowly burying me alive. 
But like i said before- Things are going great now! Truly great. 
I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned earlier in my mission that I feel were preparation for this last week. Even in the midst of despair I knew that everything was going to work out. I knew that even though I didn't understand why so many bad things were happening all at once, I did know that Heavenly Father had a plan for me, and each one of the people we had been working with. 
I studied hard the Atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ and relied heavily on the comforting, and enabling power of it. I read over the talk Missionary Work and the Atonement by Elder Holland and took great comfort in his explanation of why missionary work can be so hard sometimes. 
After many heartfelt prayers, I was finally able to get past the slump I was in and rededicate myself to working hard and knowing that we would be led to the people that we are meant to be working with right now. 
It's amazing how quickly things turned around once I stopped letting myself dwell on how hard I thought things were. 
Surprisingly enough- Our investigator who had dropped us, came to church on Sunday and told us he would like to meet with us multiple times this week. A recent convert who had told us he needed to take time away from the church, also came to church, and even brought his nonmember friend with him. And we have been able to fill our very empty upcoming week with lots of positive appointments! 
In short, almost every thing that happened that I saw as a great trial or disappointment, has completely been turned around! 
I am grateful to have had the trails we did this week because like I said, I feel like I have learned so much from it. I'm especially grateful for Sister Halliday this week. She was such a blessing to me as she did her best to have enough faith and positivity for the both of us! 
It seems as though last week was just a little bit of test for me to see how I would handle everything falling apart, and then as soon as I was humble and willing enough to turn my heart and trust over to the Lord, everything resolved itself again. 
I know that is not usually the case with our trials, so I feel blessed things were able to get better so quickly:) 

I love my Savior, and my Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for their careful hand in all that goes on in my life. I love my mission, and am so happy with all the experiences I get to have here. and all the growth that comes along with it. 

i hope you all have a great week and really try to remember to turn everything over to the Lord. Take a step back, recognize where your own pride may be holding you back, and let it all go to the Savior. He will take care of you. I can promise you as His representative that your life WILL improve as you sincerely give it all to Him, and walk away. 
I love you!! And most importantly They love you even more!
-Sister Dobyns

(Sorry I forgot my camera again... I'll send pics next week I promise) 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Halloween was really fun! We all carved mini watermelons instead of pumpkins because they were all sold out by the time we got there, but it was a ton of fun! :) 
After p-day was over, we went back to our apartment because we didn't have a dinner and ate pizza with the hermanas and got to hang out the rest of the night:) It was pretty fun! :) 

On Tuesday we had interviews with our mission president which I always look forward to! :) I love President Miles and am astonished at how much he does for all of us in this mission! Later in the day we were doing some drop by's before our dinner appointment at 5:30, and as we were praying before knocking on the last door we had planned before heading to dinner I had this feeling that this was not where we were supposed to be. When Sister Halliday finished the prayer and she looked at me and said "I feel like you just got revelation." And I told her what I thought. She asked if we were in danger and I didn't think that was the case- I just knew there was somewhere else we were supposed to be. So we quickly ran and knocked on the door anyway, because I really wasn't sure what we should be doing instead, but no one answered. So we jumped back in the car and it was time to head to dinner. But as we started driving I started telling Sister Halliday to turn on certain streets, and next thing we know we were parked on a street and there were 4 houses on the other side of the street. I told Sister Halliday it was one of these 4 we needed to see right now. So we prayed again, and went and knocked the doors. The first 2 were very typical tracting experiences, One said they had their own church, and the other said they have mormon friends so if they're ever curious they'll talk to them. It was past 5:30 at that point and we were late for our dinner, but we knocked on the next door anyway. An English woman came to the door and we told her we were missionaries and asked about her religion and everything, and she told us they were brand new to the neighborhood and had just moved in yesterday! They belong to the Church of England, but that's not in Canada so they don't currently have a church. Then she said that she would be interested in learning what the differences were between her church and mormons, so we set up a time to come back and teach her!! We couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear after that! We went to our dinner after that, and they had been running behind anyway and pulled up to the restaurant at the same time as us!! 
That was such an amazing experience that I know I will remember for the rest of my life. I am so grateful for the amazing blessing of the spirit and the opportunity I have as a missionary to truly be led to the path that Christ would have walked. 

We went back later this week and were able to teach Her and her 15 year old daughter the first lesson, and they said they would read and pray!! We are SO excited for them! We are passing them off to the Family Ward Elders this week, and can't wait to hear all about their progress! Keep them in your prayers! (Nicola and Coran) 

On Wednesday I got to drive down to Lethbridge for our MLC meeting! That was really fun, but always reminds me how much I really really love the city and am grateful to be serving here haha:) 
THe meeting was really great and we will be doing our trainings on it in our zones tomorrow! :) 

Then on Friday we had exchanges with the Pinecreek Sisters which was super fun too! They are really sweet sisters so it was a really great day and I was able to learn a lot from their examples:) 

And on Saturday we got SUSHI! [as our "halloween package" haha]
And I also enjoy that more than I should:) 

All in all it's been an amazing week! Sadly, I'm our of time already, but I love you all hope you enjoy this upcoming week!

Sister Dobyns:) 



Halloween Night, Pizza with the Hermanas! 

Straightening H. Amaller's Hair! 

Weekly Planning on the porch! 

This is 1 example of what our meals are looking like nowadays #nutritionplan