Monday, July 25, 2016


Hello folks!
I have been transferred to the other side of Calgary! I was in the west for the last 5 months, and now I will spend at least the next 3 month in the South East side! East Calgary is kind of known as the "ghetto" part of the mission, so I was a little shocked to find out this is where I'll be training my new companion Sister Ence! The good news is that she is absolutely adorable!! She's from Utah, and was at snow college for a year before coming out. She is a complete natural at sharing the gospel! Honestly! I feel like she is training me, rather than the other way around! I feel soo blessed to be able to be her companion and learn from her everyday:) 

Backing up a little bit, Last Monday my zone went to the Olympic park to go luging! That was a total blast! It was just like being back in Park City! We loved it!
Then on Tuesday we had our last District Meeting where Sister Blake and I performed a song we wrote about our zone to the Cup Song which was super fun! I'm going to miss singing with Sister Blake all the time! She is so talented it blows my mind! 

Then on Wednesday morning we all got together as a zone and had a zone breakfast and signed each other's bye-bye books, and that was really fun:) 
I actually found out that 2 other missionaries from my last zone will be in my new zone too! So the 3 of us are sticking together! Sister Earnhardt, my Sister Training Leader, and Elder Harris, a pretty quite, yet hilarious elder:) ALSO! Sister Atkinson (My MTC companion) is in my new zone! So we will get to hang out with each other again this transfer! 

Anywho! This has been a pretty slow first couple of days just like you'd expect it to be purging in. We've been doing our best getting a hold of everyone, but our Ward Mission Leader just moved to a different ward, and most of our bishopric is out of town, as well as our Elders Quorum President. So it's been a little tough filling all of the hours in the day. But because we both want to do everything we can to pick up this area and show the lord our diligence so we have spent a lot of time street contacting, and tracting! 
Fun Fact: We are in a YSA ward so we cover the entire Stake! That means, we will never run out of houses to knock on! haha! :) 
But yeah! Sister Ence is AMAZING! :)  She bears powerful testimony of Christ at every opportunity, and has the most amazing cheerful attitude despite the first few strange days she's had as a missionary. 
We are excited for things to settle down and our ward to come back to Calgary so we can meet them and start working with them. And until then we are doing everything we can to find our own work! 

I hope you all are having a great summer and are getting way more tan than I am! 
Always remember how much I love you!
Sister Dobyns:) 
5 Months old! :) 

#Westisbest! I'm going to miss these wonderful people!!! 

MY BABY!!!! Sister Ence! (her personality is even cuter than she is if that's even possible!)

Saying goodbye to my best friend! I 💛 Sister Blake!!! 

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