Monday, February 29, 2016

A Picture! A Picture! We Finally Got a Picture! Hooray!

This morning I received the most wonderful surprise... A friend of mine from Lindon Elementary, Diane Godfrey (who was also Leah's Kindergarten Teacher), sent me a text with this picture attached. Now that she has retired from teaching, she volunteers at the MTC. Today she was Sister Dobyns's investigator!  
We have been sad that we have not been able to get any pictures of her at the MTC... this picture from a friend is what you call a "Tender Mercy". A little testament that He is aware of all of our needs (big and small), and an example of one of us being an instrument in His hands to bless others! 
Thank You, Diane for your little act of service!  It meant the world to us!   

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