Sunday, March 6, 2016

Finally... Pictures from the MTC!

Inline image 3
My official Missionary Name Tag! (With my newbie dot!)

Inline image 4
Wish I would have had time to order a shirt! But they take 2 weeks to come, and this one was an XXL! 

Inline image 5
Ta-Da! The infamous map photo! 

Inline image 6
My amazing district! (don't mind me staring blindly into the sun!)
-Back row: Elder Hinckley, Elder Bright, Elder Johnson, Elder Cannon
-Front row: Sister Messick, Sister Black, ME, Sister Atkinson

Inline image 7
This is the sweet sister who was in the room next to us - She came in to check on us every night, and help us with anything she could!
Inline image 8
1/1,000,000 packages sent from my wonderful family! #MTC15

Inline image 9
Lunch with my favorite people! 

Inline image 10
Temple walk round 2! This is my Zone! 

Inline image 11
I love these girls so much! They are my hero's! 

Inline image 13
I love to see the Temple! 

Inline image 14
One night we had Taco Bell, and Sister Messick got the sauce packet on the left and cried out "I can't!" then she picked up the other one, and we all bust up laughing and crying...

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