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CANADA! eh? 

Haha:) Turns out people really do say that A TON here! I actually really love it! And they call the bathroom the washroom, which I like... it sounds classier than a bathroom I think. And there's these things called photo cops here! Those are fun, I'll tell you all about that sometime that's not today... And the speed limits. I'll tell you all about the fun car experiences another week. 

Alright, here we go! 
SO I arrived in Canada on March 1st in the afternoon. It took forever to get my whole group of 18 missionaries through immigration and get everyone's visa's. Once we finished with that several hours later, we met our mission president and his wife! And oh my goodness I love them! They are the sweetest couple ever, and I am so grateful that they are my leaders. We slept at the mission president's house the first night, which was fun because we had 2 tiny bathrooms for 12 sister missionaries! Needless to say, I didn't get to take a warm shower that night. 
The next day, so wednesday, I met my new companion!!! YEAH!!! The moment you're all waiting for...

Her name is Sister Allard (Like Ballard, but without the B..) 
She is from Quebec! So her native language is actually french! But I honestly didn't even realize that for several hours because her english is AMAZING! She has been out for about a year now, so she's more than qualified to be my trainer! Some girls are being trained by a sister that just finished their training... soo I am very fortunate! 
I LOVE SISTER ALLARD!  So really great news!!! :) 
We get along SO easily, and she is the sweetest, most patient person I have ever met! I seriously love her. She also has a really beautiful singing voice! (BLESSED!) She always sings in the car and I love it, because you all know how hard it is for me to listen to someone sing that isn't super amazing.... haha But she has a wonderful voice, so I enjoy it a lot! 

Okay, so our area is the Calgary West Zone! So I am actually starting out right in the city! Crazy right? It has been really awesome! Sister Allard and I cover 2 wards, which is actually pretty uncommon in my mission. We cover the 17th, and Bow Valley wards. And our area is HUGE! When I realized how big each ward's boundries are, I couldn't help but think "Toto, I don't think we're in Utah anymore..." 

So we share our car with 2 other sisters. So we get the car every other week. This week we got the car. So tomorrow we have to drop it off to them, and walk or take the train everywhere... yeah canada... But anyway, because we share the car, we had to help them with their transfers too. So there was tons of driving around the first day. And guess what! I'M THE DRIVER! Sister Allard never got a drivers license, so I have to drive everywhere! I was really overwhelmed at first because I had no idea where I was going, or really what the laws are in Canada, so that was fun to figure out really quickly! I figured I'd have a while before even thinking about those things!

Thursday was when the real missionary work started. There is so much work to do in our area! Sister Allard said we will never go tracking unless we are going just for fun, or to have the experience because we have so many people we need to talk to already! Most of the work we've done so far has been service, for members and less-actives. And when we visit the less-actives we usually try to squeeze a lesson into our conversations. We have been fed dinner by members every single night since I've been here, and have appointments clear through March, so we hardly ever feed ourselves because most people feed us lunch when we are doing service for them in the day! The people are so sweet, and the members are amazing missionaries! I am really grateful for all the time and work they put into the work. They make our lives so much easier! 
There are tons of less actives in each ward, so we have been spending most of our efforts on them, while starting to teach 3 new people the lessons! I had no idea how quickly things would move along as soon as I got out into the field! We are running around non-stop everyday, and I'm really grateful for that. I feel like we are really using our time efficiently, and I get to meet so many wonderful people along the way!

Yesterday I got to go to both of our wards church blocks. We arrived at the church building around 8:30, and then we had the 9:00-12:00 block with the 17th ward, and then we did a little lesson planning in one of the classrooms until it was time for the 1:00-4:00 block with the Bow Valley ward to start. 
I was asked to stand and bear my testimony in both meetings because I am new to their wards, and they are so involved with missionary work, they wanted everyone to know who I was as quickly as possible! 
After the 2nd church block, we went straight over to a lesson with a less-active named Raul. He is a really awesome guy, who is going through quite of bit in his life right now, but he seemed to be keeping a good attitude throughout it all. I am really hopeful about him. After the lesson he told us his doors were always open for us to come drop by, so I am looking forward to that! 
As soon as we finished our lesson, we went to dinner at a members house again, and then went straight to ESL. That's where we go back to the church building and help people improve their english. There are so many cultures and ethnicities here! I couldn't believe it! The church has a program that allows people to come and work on their english for free on Thursday and Sunday nights. I really love ESL! I have worked with a Korean woman, an Arabic woman, and two Chineese men.
It has been a really intriguing, humbling experience. It's also an awesome missionary opportunity because they are always wondering why I spend my nights helping people with english for free. 

OKay! So there is the basics! Sorry, I have limited time, and want to make sure I can send some pictures too! 

So in summary, Life is great! 
I have honestly never been so happy in my whole life!
I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life. I hate to imagine where my life would be without it. I can promise you it would be a lot more miserable, and hard, and meaningless. 
I am so grateful for the hope, and purpose this gospel brings to my life. 
I am grateful for my Savior, and His infinite sacrifice He made for ME. 
Don't let a day go by where you don't take advantage of the Atonement. It is the greatest blessing we have ever received. It can help you every single day. It is not just for repentance. I know it will also bless your life with comfort, and peace, and direction. 
I know this is Christ's gospel restored on the earth today, and I know it is the best way to find a happy, meaningful life. I have seen it in my own life every day. 
Take the time to notice all the blessings you have right now. And remember where they came from. 

I love you all! and hope to hear from you soon! 

Stay golden! 

-Sister Dobyns

Inline image 15

Taking the Front runner to the Airport! 

Inline image 16

Finally made it to Calgary! 

Inline image 17

Inline image 1

Sister Allard was in a trio before I came, and they decorated the apartment for my arrival! They are so cute! There are balloons everywhere on the floor, with every green food you can think of!

Sister Allard was in a trio before I came, and they decorated the apartment for my arrival! They are so cute! There are balloons everywhere on the floor, with every green food you can think of!

Inline image 19
Inline image 20

My sweet sweet companion Sister Allard! 

Inline image 21

These are the Elders in my zone 
- not sure what their names are honestly...  
But the one in the very front is my zone leader...
or "my dad"? I don't really get that yet!

Inline image 22

Elders will be Elders!...

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