Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello my wonderful friends, 
This has been quite the challenging, exciting, frustrating, amazing week! 
But that's missionary work for ya! 

So last Monday night, Sister Blake and I were just finishing up some of our nightly planning when we got a call from Elder Thorley, one of the Senior missionaries that work at the mission office. When we answered the phone he started out by saying: "well sisters, could you stand some good news?" Sister Blake and I just looked at each other and started freaking out because we knew what was going to happen next. Elder Thorley is in charge of all of the cars in our mission.
A car just for US! Not sharing it with anyone!! Can you believe it??
I still can't!
It just goes to show you that Sister Blake gets things done. I mean, she was in Calgary without a car for 10 days, and then BAM! We get a car! She brought it up a few times to some people, and they decided that they would give us the extra car that no one was using! :D So it's been a pretty exciting week! 
We got to pick up the car the next day when we had interviews with our mission president! Needless to say, I didn't have anything to complain about in my interview haha:) 
It was really funny because the SECOND we got off the phone, we immediately jumped up and started putting cookies in the oven to take to president the next day! We were just so pumped we didn't know what to do with ourselves! 

We had a great, busy week for the most part! The first few days with the car, we didn't know what to do with ourselves because we had so much extra time! I never fully realized just how much time we spent traveling places until we got the car! :) 
Because of that extra time, we've spent a lot of time doing even more drop by's than ever before! And also doing quite a bit of tracting! (see pictures below)

We spent a lot of time visiting with Less Actives, and doing service for some ward members. 
One day we got to go visit the YSA ward's 1st councilor because he served an asl mission, so he was able to teach us a lot of the gospel signs we needed!
We've seen Tyler a few more times, and I'm teaching Sister Blake sign language so she can communicate with him too! It's been really fun, and she's picking it up SO quickly! :) 

On Saturday the YSA ward had a baptism, so we took Andy to help him remember his baptism again. It was a really great experience! It was also really funny because we ran into almost every missionary in our zone in the process!
So each month we have a set number of kilometers we are allowed to drive, and you can't go over that number or else you loose your car for a month or something. And because we had to drive all the way down to lethbridge and back this month EVERYONE is out of kilometers(clicks)! So everyone has had to use their bikes, and the bus/train to get around. So there have been missionaries everywhere! :) We were with Andy, so we didn't take our car, we took the train with him. On the train ride down we ran into Elders Jewkes and Ellison, our zone leaders. Then at the baptism, there was Sisters Sears, and Lane, who taught the one getting baptized. There was also Sisters Blaser and Earnheart because they were helping out with the service by playing the piano. Then the Mandarin Elders were there because they helped fill the font? Then after the service we ran into Elders Jones and Hull at the train station and when we went to grab dinner with Andy Sister Earnheart and Blaser were having dinner at the same place!
It was a little crazy! Haha:) 

Yesterday there was an open house for a sister in our ward who is leaving on a mission, so we went to that which was super fun! I love farewells because they help remind you how exciting being on a mission really is! :) 
After that we had a lesson with one of our new investigators! Our first new investigator in several months... And get this, he and his wife live in the same apartment complex as us! But we had no idea until he text us their address! We met them a week ago when we were riding our bikes home from a less actives house, and we stopped to talk to them for a little bit. But that was a couple streets away from where we both live! 
Anyway, the lesson went well, and we set up another appointment with him, so hopefully we will be able to keep seeing him and  help him answer all of the questions he has as we teach him:) 

So that's it! Lots and lots of ups and downs! The days seem to be longer than ever now, and yet the weeks are still flying by. Not sure how that works, but we're trying to make them count! 
Thanks to everyone for all your love and support and prayers. 
They truly do make all the difference! 
I love you all and hope your week is full of fun! 

Sister Dobyns

 A day in the life of Sister Dobyns. Tracting like crazy, yet no one ever seems to be home! You can imagine Sister Blake and I singing "Hello from the Outsiiiiide! We must of knocked a thousand tiiiiimes!" 


Another Zone Olympics! Super fun! 

This is our trophy for winning our zone's challenge of the most people street contacted! 

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