Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Faith to Never Leave Him

Happy Canada Day & Happy 4th of July Everyone! 

It has been a super fun and eventful week!! 

Last Tuesday Sister Melville and I were able to go to Waterton with our wonderful housing inspectors the Parkinson's! We hiked bear's hump, and oh my goodness it was so beautiful!
I was so excited a practically ran to the top! (Taking many many breaks to let the others catch up haha) But it was honestly so breath taking! And once we made it up to the top there were tons of little chipmunks that just crawled onto your lap, and would eat out of your hand! It was so precious! Then we got hot dogs, and ice cream, and went by a waterfall, and headed home again! We got home and raced to our evening appointments, and were super tired by the end of the night! 

We also had an awesome youth activity this week where we played missionary jeopardy, and asked the youth what some questions were that their friends have asked them and would like help answering. After discussing a few of their questions and how to respond to their friends, we grabbed some snacks, and just had an open Q&A for anything they think we could help with or answer for them:) It was honestly so awesome! The youth were so responsive, and excited as they were able to practice answering the real questions they face every day. I really admire them and their desires to share the gospel, and help their friends understand more about what we believe! 

And of course Saturday was a blast! Canada turned 150 this year!! 
We spent all day on our feet pretty much! We helped out with the food bank and served hamburgers for 5 hours! and then we went over to another park and met up with Maegan! We looked for little service opportunities all throughout our day, and just had a good time! it was super hot all day but was really fun:) and today we are celebrating the 4th of July with our zone!
So this week I have been thinking a lot about enduring to the end. Go figure right? 
But as I studied I came across the story in John 6 where Christ is teaching his disciples, and many of them find the things that Christ is asking of them to be too difficult, and make the most heart-breaking decision of their lives. It says:
66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.
67 Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?
As we follow the Savior we will, without a doubt, face challenges, adversity, and be asked to give up many things. None of us are exempt from the necessity of facing these trials. We will all at one time or another come to place where we must ask ourselves "will [I] go also away?" In fact, many of us face that question every day. 
But I know that is is enormously important for us to respond the same way Peter did when he said:
68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.
69 And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.
Christ is the only with answers. We must choose to face our individual challenges with faith in Him, and in our Father's plan. When we do, our afflictions become that of a refiners fire, and we find our conversion deepened, and have drawn nearer to our Savior than before. But when we approach our hardship without faith, and without the aid of our Savior, those same trials can cloud of view, weaken our resolve, and drive us in the opposite direction of where true peace and happiness can be found. And from the only One who is able to save, and help us. 
Throughout my mission I have seen and felt the heartbreak that comes when one slips away from that straight and narrow path. I'm sure many of us have. There may even be some of us that are slipping away right now without even realizing it. I invite every single one us to evaluate where we are on that path, and which direction we tend to be moving in. 
So how do we remain true to the Savior and His gospel? How do we develop this faith and strength to never leave Him? True and fervent prayer, diligent study of the scriptures, faithful church attendance, regular temple attendance, and compassionate service. You know the answers. You have probably been taught them your whole life. So what will you decide to do the next time you are faced with a difficult challenge and the question arises "will ye also go away?" 
I know it is not easy. Trust me... I know. I have learned that lesson many many times in the 17 months alone. But I know that there is no better path to walk, or road to weather than that of the discipleship of Jesus Christ. So make that choice. Decide today to trust the Savior with your full heart, and mind, and energy and strength no matter what comes. 

I love my Savior and Father more than anything else in this life. 
I know our Father's plan is perfect. 
And I know it is only because of our Savior that we can continue on this plan even when we fall short 100x a day. 
The gospel is true. It is the only thing that will bring true happiness and change into our lives. 
I've seen in myself, and in many people that I love on my mission, and I can not deny the power that has come into my life as I have done all I can to serve and follow my Savior. 
Please choose to stay with Him. 
I love you all dearly and wish you wonderful week! 
~Sister Dobyns:)
Lunch break from serving hamburgers for hours! 

Cute Backyard

Beautiful Waterton! 

Canadian Pride! 

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