Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ups and Downs but mostly ups!

AH! we're running to waterton this week so I don't have much time, but I have so much to say!!! Here it goes...

We survived transfers week with no changes! Hoorah!! :) 
And Tuesday night we had an amazing miracle!
All of our appointments set us up, or cancelled, (classic missionary problem...) and we were trying to decide what the best thing for us to do would be. Thankfully we had lots of options, but we really wanted to follow the spirit and do what was best. 
When everything cancels like that, I always feel like it is because there is somewhere else that the Lord knows we need to be! The trick is just making sure I actually get myself there! 
So after a little bit of frustration because we felt like we weren't getting any direction, we decided to drop by a media referral that we received a few weeks ago. 
[Back story:] okay so a few weeks ago we got a media referral for an investigator and a less active husband moving into our area THAT DAY, and they needed help. So we of course rushed over to help, but found no one at the address we were given. And the phone number we had wasn't working! We tried stopping by several times after that with no luck. 
Okay, so when we pulled up to the house, again it looked like no one was home, but before we could go to the door, we got a phone call from our zone leaders for transfer calls! So we were on the phone for a few minutes, and when we got off, we looked up and there was a moving truck backing into the drive way! So we jumped out of our car and helped them move into their house 2 weeks after we were told they were moving!!! MIRACLE!!! So we helped them move, and set up a time to come back and help some more and start teaching Stephanie, the investigator! So we are super pumped for that! I know that was where the Lord knew we needed to be, and I'm so grateful that He led us there even when we felt like we weren't getting any direction. Sometimes we can't wait to be told what to do. We just have to do what we know is good, and trust that if that's wrong, He'll redirect you. 

So I think I mentioned this before, but our President has asked us to park our cars once a week and walk or ride our bikes. So this week while we were biking we saw an ice cream truck! and just had to embrace our inner child and chase him down... haha we talked to him for a while and told him what we do as missionaries, and he even took a pass along card! It was awesome! Then Sister Melville almost died trying to hold her ice cream and bike at the same time, but saved it at the last minute! 

We had a pass off lesson with our investigator Mikyla and her Less active mom Gwen. It went really well, and I know the elders will see a lot of miracles with them as we already have! It's always sad when you can't keep working with someone, but I know they're going to do great! :) 

In our family Ward Council this week we got the sweetest compliment I have ever received from our primary president. We were about to leave because we had to head to our other ward, and she just told everybody how great she thought we were and said "If you have ever had any friends you thought about inviting to meet with the missionaries, Now is the time to do it while these sisters are her" and just kept saying so many sweet things. We left just so humbled and grateful for her kindness. it was in that moment that I really knew that all of the hard work it's been to turn this area around has been worth it:) 

And then our investigator Mike and his wife Kathy had us over for dinner and told us that if we were ever in any kind of danger or sketch situation, to RUN to his house and BANG on the door and he promised we wouldn't have any problems any more... 
haha so that was super awesome. It sounds kinda scary, but honestly it was one of the most tender moments of my mission. They are so incredible, and I am so grateful we get to teach and work with them so frequently:) 

Anywho! that's all that I have time for today!
I love you all do much and wish you the absolute best this week!
Don't forget to do the little things everyday!
They bring so much happiness I PROMISE!!!

~Sister Dobyns:) 
Re-living our childhoods! 

Saying goodbye to Gwen and her family!

Shout out to Maegan - love her. 

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