Monday, August 22, 2016

Tender Mercies All Around

This was a wonderful week! :) 
I am really loving serving in the east! 
Last week for p-day our zone got together and had another little Olympics! It was especially fun this week since all of us were wishing we could watch the actual Olympics! No surprises when I say our time won!:) Haha, it was all thanks to Sister Ence and her extremely sporty self! :) 

On Friday we had our re-trainers meeting with President, and all of the other missionaries that came out with Sister Ence. That was really fun for her to get to see all of her old friends again! :) And President gave a great training on Relying on the Lord in all that we do, and choosing to be happy every day of our lives. 

This week we almost got 4 new investigators! We had 4 lessons set up, but then... one by one they all fell though for one reason or another... That was a total bummer, but just means that we are going to get 4 new investigators this week instead! :) It's pretty funny because right now we are teaching so many people with names from the scriptures... We've got Emanuel, Jacob, Solomon, Isaiah, Benjamin, Elijah, and Peter, James, and John! We got a kick out of that! 

And then yesterday was the greatest tender mercy in the world! 
I got to back to the West to my old chapel for a YSA fireside! 
AND! I got to see my recent convert Andy! AND my last companion Sister Blake! 
It was SO amazing to see them all again! And, to my surprise, I found out my old area is only 15 km away from my current area....
My dream is to get called to Calgary Central next so I can be right in between my areas! :) 

It really dawned on my the other day how fast this time is going by, and how it's just gonna get worse. I've already spent almost half of my time with Sister Ence! AH! 
But I have seriously been SO blessed when it comes to companions... I mean, I love Sister Allard (she goes home this week! CRAZY!) she is the most compassionate person I have ever met, and Sister Blake is basically my twin and soul mate in life and who will be forced to be my friends forever, And Sister Ence! Who is the biggest spiritual giant I have ever encountered, as well as THE biggest goofball... SO there have been a lot of really good times! :) I hope I'm not jinxing myself when I say I'm finally not nervous about who I'm going to be companions with after this. God's got it under control and I would't have it any other way:) 

So that's it for today!
it's been an awesome week! 
Also, Shout out to Hannah Davis getting her mission call! I cannot believe it even for a second! Congrats!! :D 

Love Sister Dobyns

My kind of Oil! change

I look like a TOTAL hobo because it was a crazy long day,
but I HAD to take a picture with this beautiful beautiful sister:) 

Got to see Andy at the YSA Fireside!! 

Our Zone had a P-day Olympics in honor of... well, the Olympics.
(Egg race)

This picture best sums up our relationship.... 

No, Actually this one does. haha Happy 6 months/50 Days old to us! 

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