Monday, August 8, 2016


Alright, we are currently in a car with some members driving up to BANFF! So it's going to a bit of a short e-mail this week! 

On Tuesday we had a tender mercy and had Taco Bell for dinner! Haha! Yup! That was a total blessing!:D We were driving around visiting former investigators, and found one in the middle of nowhere! For those of you that don't know, Taco Bell is really rare in Canada I guess... They say it's the McDonald's of Canada as far as quality of food goes, but it was a little taste of home that Sister Ence and I were both REALLY excited about:) haha  
Another blessing was we went to see a former investigator and caught him right as he was leaving his house, and when he saw us he was so excited to see us, and asked if he could come to church this week! Then he ended up leaving for a business trip, but wants to come next week! So fingers crossed for Ken! 

Then on Friday we got a new investigator! The Valley View Sisters had been teaching him, but he's YSA so they passed him off to us! His name is Emmanuel, and we're super excited to start working with him! :D 

Then Sunday was super packed! We were busy running around every single second of the day! I have missed that feeling the last few weeks, so it was nice never needing to get creative to fill our days! :)
We had a few lessons with some recent converts, and less actives, and taught the gospel principles class, and also had ward council and a missionary correlation meeting! :) 

Anywho! Another fun week with Sister Ence! She is the cutest girl I know! She honestly feels like my best friend, and I'm so grateful for that! I was always so nervous that I would struggle with companions, but I have been SO blessed with the most amazing sisters! <3 

I love you all! Sorry I'm lame this week, but I kinda want to look at the mountains instead of the computer screen....

I hope you have an amazing week! Church is true! I love being a missionary SO much!
k, Love you bye!
SIster Dobyns

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