Monday, September 26, 2016

Mad, Frantic, e-mail!

Okay, I spent a little too much time today e-mailing friends individually... so this week's email is going to be super lame.. sorry about that:P But I'm suuuper grateful for all my wonderful friends and that they even took the time to write me, so it's a happy trade this week:) 

So this was a really great week! :) 
On monday Sister Ence and I went to the Zoo! I'm sure I will include many pictures... :) That was super fun and random haha:) But we decided we wanted to get out more and do fun things:) 
Then on Thursday we had the amazing opportunity to go to the TEMPLE! hooray! I hadn't been in like 4 months!!! So I was very happy to be back:) 
We watched the RS Broadcast on Saturday which was SO AMAZING! I can't wait to get a copy of the talks because I loved them SOO much!!! If you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, DO IT! I loved every minute of it:) :) 

Sister Ence and I got 2 new investigators that we're really excited about, and have Emanuel's baptism coming up soon! (Honestly, I'll most like be transferred a few days before he is baptized, so that's a little sad, but we're excited for him none the less! :) )
There are really great things happening here, and I am SOO excited for conference this weekend! Oh man, It's better than Christmas, let me tell you! 

One thing that I have taken great comfort in these past few weeks is the story of Christ calling Peter and the other apostles to come and follow Him. He didn't care who they were, or what imperfections they had. He simply bade them to come and change. To come, and learn and grow through the gospel and sharing it with others. It's pretty evident throughout the scriptures that Peter was a pretty impulsive guy (i.e. chopping off that one guy's ear when arresting Christ). But even through his imperfections, he was a great teacher, and amazing disciple of Jesus Christ. As long as one is willing to "come and change," they are good enough to be on the Lord's errand and serve Him. I know so many of us feel inadequate in some way. Whether that is in our calling in the church, or role in the home, or assignment at work, we can be enough. Through the grace of our Savior and the empowering blessing of the Atonement, we can do all things. 
I have had the phrase "You can do hard things" pop into my mind several times this week, and I know that it is true. We can all do the impossible when we are willing to humble ourselves and simple Come to, and Change in Christ. 

Once again,
I love you ever so dearly!
I pray for you, 
I'm grateful for you!
And I hope you have an uplifting, and spiritual experience this weekend as we have the opportunity to hear from our wonderful prophet and apostles. 

Love, Sister Dobyns:) 
The Calgary Zoo! :) 

The Zoo in the fall is actually SUPER beautiful! :) Loved it! :) 

A candid picture Sister Ence caught... haha The Bats really creeped me out!

Good Advice... 

I don't know why, but this picture makes me laugh for days! :) 

Our Temple Trip! :)

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