Monday, September 5, 2016

New Transfer:)

It was Transfers week again this week! 
Thankfully I get to stay with Sister Ence, but we did find out that this is only going to be a 5-week transfer! I'm trying not to sad, but I honestly just feel a little jipped of my last week with Sister Ence! haha! I just have to focus on the amazing blessing it's been to be with her these last 6, and next 5 weeks! :) 
I have been so blessed when it comes to my companions, but the down side of that is I never want to say goodbye to them!! But I'm grateful that's my only complaint:) 

Side Note: Happy Late Anniversary to my parents! :) 9/3/93 Thank goodness it's a catchy date, because I almost forgot it:P Sorry! But I love you both! Thanks for ya know, giving my life and everything I know:) 

So we had a pretty good week, but I think it was really just in preparation for how amazing this upcoming week is going to be!! :) We got a new investigator this week, and have appointments with 2 possible investigators that seem really solid! So we're super psyched for that! :) We were expected several investigators at church this week, but sadly, because of the long weekend they all ended up with other plans:P 

It's starting to get a little chilly already! Which is pretty normal for September, but it's still so hard to accept since we never got much of a summer up here! Summer came early and it lasted 2 weeks! haha! 

Yesterday in Sunday School I taught a lesson on Charity, and that was pretty neat. I have learned so much about charity since coming on my mission so every time I really get to reflect on it all I feel so grateful. Just a little thought that I loved was that we truly have to become charitable, and not just seem charitable. Like it says in 1 Cor. 13, we can give everything that we have away, including our own lives- but unless we have sincere love and intention, it profiteth us nothing. So that leads to the question of How Do I Become Charitable? What I have found it that studying the Saviors life, and following His perfect example, has helped me so much. It has helped me better understand the way Christ truly would act in any situation. Also, like Moroni teaches, praying to our Father in Heaven with all the energy of our soul. I could go on a very long tangent on that thought alone, but this is something I've really come to understand as well. I don't think I ever fully experienced what that felt like until my mission. But I have been able to see the strength  that I have been given and lasting change in my life as I continue to pray with all the energy of my soul. Another thing we can do is to learn to love our selves. In Matthew Christ teaches we must love our Heavenly Father, and love our neighbor as ourselves. I think this is a really important concept. To remember that we are God's children, and He loves us infinitely. Just as it's important to treat all those around us like they are God's children, we need to remember that so are we. And our Father wants us to be kind and charitable to ourselves as well. Now don't take this too far. We must also learn to have humility and remember our Father loves all those around us just as much as He loves us. So we can't ever put ourselves above another. But as we do those things (Study the Savior's life, Pray with all the energy of our souls, love ourselves, and have humility) we will grow in Charity which is the highest, noblest, and strongest kind of love. 
So this is my challenge to you this week! Above all things, strive for fervent charity:)

I love you all! And hope you have a great week at work, school, your mission, or whatever else you may be doing! :)

Sister Dobyns

Together Again! (Did I ever mention that Sister Atkinson was in my zone here?) 
3 Leg for the day when her comp was at a meeting for new trainers this transfer

Good morning Canada... It's soo cold in the mornings already:P

Picnic with the new Zone! 

Christmas in September<3 Also diabetes in September...
#500AmericanOreos (Canadian oreos are super gross in case anyone was wondering...)

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