Monday, October 3, 2016

What A Day To Be Alive!

Okay, Can we just take a minute and talk about how AMAZING conference was this weekend??? 
I mean WOW! 
I was blown away by the power of the messages that were given. 
There was so much emphasis on Missionary Work, and simply knowing the Doctrine of Christ! 
Ah! I loved it! 
I loved how much there was an emphasis on hastening the Lord's work, and what members can be doing now to help share the gospel with those around them!
I found this quote about 2 months ago, and since then I have heard it SO many times! It was even used in Conference twice! It's by President Thomas S Monson. 

Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together, to work together, to labor in the Lord’s vineyard to bring souls unto Him. He has prepared the means for us to share the gospel in a multitude of ways, and He will assist us in our labors if we will act in faith to fulfill His work."

Remember that okay?:D It's so hard to even talk about conference as a missionary because I can't sufficiently put into words how much I loved it in the short period of time I have to e-mail!! But my invitation to everyone is to set a realistic goal for yourself related to conference. Don't let the amazing experience of this weekend just pass by without letting it have an effect on your life in a powerful away. My the decision to change something in your life because of the inspiring guidance we have been given.
I loved the thought of taking on thing that is keeping us from being more like Christ to the sacrament altar each week, and giving it over to the Lord. 
That is my goal because of conference this fall. I think there is such power in truly giving away all our sins to know our Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ. And I mean truly KNOW Him -which we also learned about. 

So Transfers are this week! And Sister Ence got a training call last week! So that means I'm officially being booted Thursday morning to the great unknown! haha:)
I am really looking forward to transfers. I was feeling really nervous after last week when we found out Sister Ence would be training, and I would be leaving, but since then I have had an amazing experience with the spirit, and I know that whatever happens on Thursday is truly Heavenly Father's will for me. I am so grateful to have a Father in Heaven who loves me enough to send me where I need to be, and with who I need to be with- rather than putting me where I think I want to be. I am so excited for this upcoming transfer and all that I am going to be able learn and become.But  wherever I get transferred next is most likely where I'll be for Christmas! So that's kinda exciting:) 
( Part of me is hoping I go to the South, because I hear they spoil the missionaries down there;) )

Anyway. I'm excited for her. She is completely qualified to be a trainer. She's pretty much been training me this whole time anyway. But she's been really nervous about it I think. 
So this Saturday our investigator is getting baptized!! I am so excited that he has finally made it! Yes, of course I am a little sad I will be missing the program, but nothing can take away from how amazing it has been to see him progress in his testimony of the Savior. And I know it will be a really great thing for Sister Ence's brand new companion to be able to experience the spirit of a baptism on her very first weekend in the Canada! :) 

So yeah! Sorry my e-mails have been so short and lame lately.... But I've got to run again! I will do my best to start writing more again:) 
I love you! I hope you have a good week! 
With all the love in the entire world, 
Sister Dobyns:)

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