Monday, May 2, 2016

It was another really busy week, but when I look back on it, I don't actually have many stories to tell! I know everyone always laughs at how much I usually write, but I really don't have too much to tell this week!

We started working on Family History with Andy this week! So we're excited to help him find a name and take it to the temple ASAP! :) We're thinking about having a lesson with him on the Temple grounds soon, and talking more about the work we do there. 
I've also been able to make a lot of progress with my own family history! I've been amazed at how quickly you can pick up on it, and how addicting it actually becomes once you understand how it works! I honestly always thought I'd never enjoy family history, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I know that's because of the Spirit and Heavenly Father blessing my efforts. Family History is SO important! And I know it's something that everyone dreads and only does out of guilt every few months, but I can personally testify of the blessings that will come into your life as you move past that initial hesitancy and begin helping your ancestors receive the saving ordinances we all need to progress in this life and the next. 

Initially, I found the work really frustrating. But the more you try the more you begin to realize that this work is EQUALLY as important as missionary work. I know I personally forgot all too often that death in this life truly isn't the end. And while we have the veil erasing our memory of that, they are still real, live, people who need the gospel just as much as you and I do. 

I know everyone is panicking as they read this because you know what's coming... But I want to challenge each and every one of you to go and find out more about Family History. Talk to someone who knows how it works, or watch the training videos available for "Family History Consultants" on It will bless your life in more ways than you know. And let me know how it goes for you! I want to hear about it! Even if it's nothing but frustrating at first like it was for me. I promise it will get better, SO much better the longer you keep moving forward! :D 

All of our appointments with investigators fell through this week, but we were able to work with a lot of less-actives! I think I've said this before, but before my mission I always thought of missionary work as going out and finding people who don't know anything about the restored gospel, and teaching it to them. But I have realized really quickly that there is far less of that, and much more work with people on every level of understanding and testimony. Family History, Less-Actives, Non-Members, AND Active-Members all need the gospel equally as much. Heavenly Father loves every single one of them infinitely, and wants them to be able to find true joy and success in this life. Christ already suffered the Atonement for every single one of them. He understands them perfectly, and understands how much each one of us need the gospel, and what aspects we are in extra need of. I have loved getting to know, and working with all of these different people who are at different stages of their lives. The Gospel is real and true for everyone. There are no exceptions or exemptions. And I am so grateful for the knowledge we have. I feel so sad and sick when I think about how many people go throughout their lives without ever having all the blessings that Heavenly Father has to offer if we only follow His commandments and follow the footsteps of His only begotten Son. 

Sister Allard had a doctor's appointment this week. So we drove an hour away to see Dr Larsen, who is a member of the church. They talked some things out and he said he would call Sister Miles and make a decision on what the best course of action will be to help her as much as possible. Fingers crossed they figure something out soon so she can start feeling better ASAP! 

One miracle we had this week was we completely ran out of food! (No, that's not the miracle.) We had several dinners cancel on us at the last minute and Sister Allard and I didn't do the absolute best job planning this last p-day when we were getting groceries, so long story short, we ran out of food. It was friday and we went to our appointment with a less-active whose parents live with him, and without saying anything, they sent us home with a grocery bag full of food! I was so grateful that they were in tune with the spirit and were able to answer my prayers! I hope everyone always remembers how important it is to act on every single prompting because if they hadn't, we would have been fasting for 3 days! 

I am so excited for mothers day! And hope you all have a terrific week!
I love and miss you all, and hope all is going well in your lives!
Stay strong, and tell me about your family history experiences! ;)

Sister Dobyns
Sometimes I feel like I'm more like these two's babysitter... They decided to take a break from the lesson yesterday and climb this tree. It was pretty fun to watch sister Allard climb it in a skirt and try to stay modest the whole time!

Tuesday's package! Definite highlight of the mission so far! 

I redecorated the wall in front of my desk after getting some family pictures in the package I got! 
And I didn't even go all OCD on it! ... yet. 

Waiting for the bus to come! ...Story of our lives!! :) 

Shout out to Sister Allard and Elder Woodward in Boston! 

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