Monday, May 16, 2016

This week was strangely one of the slowest weeks of my mission. I'm not too sure why that is, but I think it has to do with we spent a lot of time at home because Sister Allard has been having a really hard time sleeping lately. So she sleeps in pretty late, and then isn't feeling too good the rest of the day. But this week we went to see a Physio Therapist that has given her some stretches and stuff to do that will hopefully help her start feeling better. It's amazing how much we take for granted our health, especially as missionaries. We both just want to go out and work hard all day every day, but we have to slow down and try and find a balance between working hard and resting/healing. 
In other health news, Sister Trimble, one of my sister training leaders, got the flu this week too! So there is some sort of nasty bug that is going around, and a lot of the missionaries are taking a hit from it. So Sister Allard and I are doing everything we can to stay healthy, because the last thing we need is for Sister Allard to get the flu on top of her bad health already, and I refuse to go a round 2 with that bug. 

This week was another pretty successful week when it comes to the fight against desserts! For those of you who don't know, my mission has an average weight gain on 25-30lbs!!! NO JOKE! There are several missionaries who always complain about how much weight they've gained, and I just always shrug it off and tell them they're perfect how they are, and how weight doesn't matter- and I still full heartily believe those things- but then they showed me pictures of them in the MTC and I wanted to cry! I refuse to have that happen to me, so I have become a lot more brave in telling members I don't want dessert. I know it seems like such a little thing, but it is a battle every single day! The members ALWAYS make us homemade something crazy delicious for dessert, and always insist that you stop worrying about your weight and just have some. So for the first 2+ months of my mission I had dessert every single day!!! But for the last 3 weeks I've been able to some how weasel my way out of their houses without having anything, or at least having extreme minimal amounts haha:) 
We have also started using our bikes a lot more! It's hard when the weather is crummy, but if we think we can manage it, we take our bikes! So I'm grateful for the additional exercise we are able to have most days! 

On Saturday we went to a funeral service for a woman who wasn't active. She wasn't actually in area, but her non-member son is. I guess she had told him before she passed that she wanted an "LDS funeral" so he contacted our bishop and set everything up with us. It was a really different and unique experience. There were only maybe a dozen people in attendance, and they were all non-members, or not active in the church for many years. But we were able to talk with almost all of them and hear their stories about the woman, and talk to them a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. They all seemed comforted by the things we talked about, but no one was really interested in learning more. But it was really nice knowing we were able to help some people sleep a little better because they had hope this life isn't the end. 

This Sunday was the 187th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Priesthood! 
And Andy was conferred the Aaronic Priesthood! I thought that was really awesome, but I think he was little less impressed with the coincidence..
But it was really amazing to see him accept that responsibility, and the blessing that come with it. And next week he will be blessing the sacrament! I can't wait! He is making so much progress so quickly! Our next step is going with him to the temple to perform baptisms for the dead!
Tomorrow is going to be an extremely exciting day! Tomorrow will be my 3 month mark as a missionary! (And yes, I do plan to celebrate it every single month) And it's also our Zone Conference! And this transfer we are going to the temple for conference!!! It will be my first time attending the temple since the MTC, so I'm pretty excited! It will also be the first time I go to the Calgary Temple! AND it will be the first time I take a family name through the Endowment session! 
We've been working with Sister Lee each week on our family tree's and this last tuesday I was able to find a name to take with me tomorrow! She dropped off the name at the temple so the prior ordinances could be done, and they said it will ready for me at the front desk when we go tomorrow morning! I can't wait! It's so exciting because the name I am taking is actually someone who I found and added on Family History. So she has been missing from our tree, but now is getting all of her work done in 1 week! 
So I am really looking forward to tomorrow! :) 

And lastly, yesterday Brother Burke asked Sister Allard and I if we would sing in sacrament meeting next week! He gave us a beautiful arrangement of "I'll go where you wan't me to go" and I am really excited to work on it today for p-day:D And it will be a really great experience to have before Sister Allard is (most-likely) transferred! 

I hope everything is going wonderfully for everyone at home, and when they aren't I hope you are making the most of them and choosing to rely on the Lord and really become a better person because of it. Don't ever let the opposite happen to you. Don't ever let life make you bitter. 
Like the story with Paul and Christ walking on the water, I hope you always choose to focus on Christ rather than the raging storm around you. I know as you remember Christ every day and the sacrifice He made for you, you will have a better perspective, and will be able to continue moving forward and becoming a better, happier person every day. That is after all what the gospel is all about. Simply learning how to be truly happy.

I love you all!
Have a Christ-centered week!
Sister Dobyns

Biking Selfie! 
(No missionaries were harmed in the taking of this photo.)

Just a random picture of us hanging out at our apartment starting our nightly planning:) 

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