Monday, May 9, 2016

Well, I'm not too sure what to write this week since I already had the chance to spill my guts about everything in the world to my family yesterday!

This week our investigator Alex had surgery on his eye from a construction accident he had 20 years ago! The surgery will hopefully allow him to be able to see better, but there's also a chance that it will cause him to blind in that eye. So keep his recovery in your prayers if you can! 
The good news about it, is that he isn't allowed to work for 2 weeks, so we will FINALLY be able to visit him again! So we are really looking forward to that. 

We had exchanges again on Tuesday/Wednesday and we did a TON of street contacting! I was crazy uncomfortable at first, but Sister Blaser is so good at it, so thankfully I was able to eventually warm up and even gave out a Book of Mormon! She was new to Calgary and was just out looking for a job, but she was open about talking to us! So we got her information and will be passing her off the YSA sisters! 

Then on Thursday I woke up sick to death! I basically slept from Wednesday night to Friday morning, only getting up long enough to throw up a couple times and go back to sleep. Thankfully the bug passed by friday, but then I was super weak because I had no food in me. The only problem was I couldn't get myself to eat anything, and I was just craving Jamba Juice! That's when I realized how spoiled I was by my parents who would always go out and buy me a smoothie whenever I sick. So shout out to them! I am so grateful for their love. (So grateful that I went through love withdrawls when I couldn't get a smoothie!) 

So not a whole ton happened this week. We spent most of our time with our less-actives, and trying to serve some of the mother's in the ward for Mother's Day!

I LOVED talking to my family yesterday, was it was completely heartbreaking in the end when I had to hang up and my little sister just broke down. How do you not let that get to you? Needless to say I was quickly trying to wipe away the tears before the members came over to talk to me once I hung up. 
But I am so grateful for the love of my family. 

Sorry that it's another boring e-mail! But know that I am loving life here, and things are going well! :D 
I hope you all go out and have the most amazing memorable week ever!
I love all and will write more next week! :)

Sister Dobyns
Selfie with my Family! 💙

Sister Allard trying to take a picture of me writing in my journal? 
(I'm still not really sure what was happening here, but She's a cutie, so I figured I'd send it:) 

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