Monday, May 30, 2016

Sweet! So it's kind of been a slow week again- A lot of our appointments fell through... well most of our appointments fell through. We only had 5 lessons with some less-actives, and that's it! A little disappointing, but I'm sure we will be able to pick things back up soon! :) 

On Tuesday we had our district meeting as usual, but this week our district leader asked me to do the training! So I prepared and lead the discussion on "The Book of Mormon: Our Most Powerful Resource in Conversion." It was only supposed to last for 15 minutes, but everyone had so many great experiences and testimonies of the Book of Mormon that it went for 40 minutes! And I didn't even get through 1 page of the 8 pages I had prepared... haha! It was a really spiritually uplifting experience to just talk with everyone about the Book of Mormon and really think about what it means to me, and where my testimony stands with it. And all I can say is I LOVE the Book of Mormon. There are so many experiences I could tell you about where it has blessed my life, and where I received a witness that it is true. But I sort of took too long replying to other e-mails this week so I don't have much time to write again... 

Later that day we also finally started the new-member lessons with Andy! And the Young Men in the ward taught him again about the Restoration, and really focused on the Book of Mormon! It was great to really have a whole that was so focused on just that! Andy is making great progress, and really growing so much every day!

This week Sister Allard decided we should celebrate Christmas since we wouldn't be together in December. haha I know, SUPER random! I thought the same thing! But she is so cute, and because my birthday is dec 23, and hers is dec 24, and then christmas is the 25th, she wanted to spend the best 3 days of our lives together... in may! Haha:)
So she got out all the christmas decorations, and hung them up, and then on May 23, we celebrated my birthday, then May 24th was hers, and the 25th was "christmas!" 
So we did all sorts of fun things for that! :) AND the morning after Sister Allard decorated like it was christmas, IT SNOWED! So that was pretty hilarious! It really felt like Christmas at that point! 

On Thursday the 26th, I hit my 100th day of being a missionary! So that was pretty fun too! I know most people think it's weird how many countdowns/ups I have, but they really help me remember to make the most of every single day because time flys! 

Transfers are on June 9th, so Sister Allard and I are pretty sad about that. We don't know anything for sure yet, but it's pretty safe to say we won't be together another transfer:( My training was officially over a few days ago! Crazy!  So you better believe we will be making the absolute most of the next 9.5 days we have left together! 

SO yeah! That's all for today! Here are some fun pictures of the week!

I love you all SO much! 
Thank you to everyone who writes me e-mails! They are always SO fun to read! 
Have a wonderful week!

<3/ Sister Dobyns

Scripture Study with Andy in the Park! 

Sister Allard has the world's smallest Book of Mormon! 

Christmas in May! 

The 9 actual gifts Sister Allard gave me for fake Christmas... 

Sleep over in the living room...

The wind broke my umbrella:(

Happy Birthday Mom! 

This is the struggle of my life. Every. Single. Day. 

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