Monday, October 24, 2016

Fun, Miracles, and NO TIME TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT!

well I only have 7 minutes left of my e-mailing time this week, so i'm pretty much going to word vomit on you as quickly as i can.... 

Things that happened this week: 
1- Tender Mercy of the year when one of my favorite members of my new ward came to fhe last monday wearing a HAMILTON t-shirt! Wow, nothing could bond 2 people quicker than that. Needless to say we sang all of the appropriate parts of Hamilton the rest of the night..  such a tender mercy!!!
2- I gave my first training as an stl, and it went okay... I'm grateful i will have more opportunities to do better though... we were really rushed for time so it didn't quite go the way we had planned but it was okay:) 
3- we have started tracting like crazy! before this area I had done maybe 10 hours of tracting total, but now... I've doubled that number in 1 week haha 
still not as much as a lot of people, but we're getting up there!
Sister Halliday and I just both felt prompted that there is someone who is prepared that we are meant to find, so we are going til we find them! (And probably still going even after that) 
4- our investigator shaun brought a nonmember friends to his lesson this week, and now she wants to hear the lessons aswell! So we're really excited about that! Even though she is out of our area so we passed her off to the brentwood sisters:) 
5- Emanuel from carburn park is finally getting baptized this week! haha lots of confusion and drama, but i'm excited for him:) 

it has been another great week, so i'm super pumped for everything that is yet to come! 

I love you all! Have a terrific week!
Love, Sister Dobyns! 

Sister Halliday cleaning up after me... She's a doll

Our fun apartment! 

Us at e-mails right now because i keep forgetting to take more pictures... 

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