Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Happy Halloween:)

Well Happy Halloween everyone! It's pretty strange that Halloween is on monday this year, because that means it's pretty much like p-day all day today!! We have p-day until 5, and then we have dinner, and then we have to be in our apartments by 6! So it's feeling pretty strange knowing not a lot of missionary work will be done today...
But the Hermanas and Sister Halliday and I have some pretty fun plans for once we are back at our pad, so it should be a pretty good day! 

This week has been really exciting! 
Our "eternal investigator" that I've been talking about has been making some AMAZING progress! On Monday, we had a lesson with him and brought a sister from the ward who thinks the same way he does, and so she was able to help explain to him how she feels the Holy Ghost, and he thinks that he feels it in the same way! Then on Tuesday we had another lesson where he was able to recognize the Holy Ghost right there! It was so amazing! He started tearing up and it was so great:) 
Then later in the week he asked up when the next baptism is that he can go to, so we sent him a list of the upcoming baptisms and he said he thinks that he needs to go to all of them!!!! So we are really happy about that! 

On Tuesday we also had the funniest DTM meeting I've ever had! 
We finished our trainings, and then we usually do a role play at the end. And this week, in honor of Halloween, we all had to take turns putting on these random costume pieces, and then street contacting each other! It was so funny we were all laughing the entire time, but it actually proved to be really useful when you see someone on the street that seems a little different, we had the confidence to start talking to them when we may have normally passed them!

On Wednesday I went on my first exchange as an STL! I went with Sister Rasmussen [a sister I came out with and am super tight with already] in her area, and it was such a blast! Then on Friday I went on another exchange with Sister shaffer in her area too! I loved getting to know her better too! I actually knew Sister shaffer from my first area when I was sharing the car with her! 
Anywho, I loved going on exchanges, and I'm really excited about getting to continue getting to know the sisters better as i do! :) 

On thrusday we and the Hermanas decided that we are going to start waking up at 6:00am to work out! We came up with this crazy plan to wake up at 6, go for a short run, stretch a little, and then play what we call "get-jacked uno" haha! :) We wrote down different workouts on uno cards and we shuffle them up and do as many as we can before 7:00! So far it has been going really great! Turns out working out can be a lot more fun that I had been making it in the past! :) 

Then on Saturday Shelby had a halloween party at her house, so we helped her clean and decorate a little before everyone came over:) We had to take up pretty quick, but it was fun to see the first few people that came! I love the members of this ward! They are so fun, and are really already like family:) 

That's all for this week folks! I love you all dearly, and hope you have lots of fun and stay safe tonight:) 
<3/Sister Dobyns

Funniest role play of my life! 

Exchanges with Sister Rasmussen! Love her so much! 

Living with the Hermanas is my favorite thing in the world! 

Halloween party with some of my favorite members:) 
Sadly, this is the least-blury picture they took... 

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