Monday, October 10, 2016

So Much Change in Such Little Time

First of all, Shout out to my brother Hayden! 
Happy 22nd Birthday! I love you! 

Second of all, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving today!!!
Yeah, It feels really odd having thanksgiving before Halloween, but in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second mondayof october? Or at least I think that's the rule. Not entirely sure:) But yeah! Happy Thanksgiving! :) 

So there were some pretty exciting adjustments at transfers this last week! 
I have been asked to serve as a Sister Training Leader! (Or STL... I'll pretty much always call it that) So I get to go on exchanges with all the Sisters that we cover all the time! :) I'm excited for that, I think it will be really fun, and just the right amount of challenge that I was really hoping for this transfer! :D 
Now my new area is called the Priddus Valley YSA Ward! That's right! I'm still in YSA! I am so excited for that! I really loved serving ysa the last two transfers, so I'm happy I get to continue with the great experiences that come from serving around so many returned missionaries! (They're the best as coming to lessons and finding us people to teach). My Zone is called the Foothills Zone, but we also cover the sisters in the zone next to us Fish Creek Zone:)  
So where is the Foothills zone you may ask? 
Where else but in good old south west Calgary?? 
Yup! You read right... I'M STILL IN CALGARY! 
I don't think President is ever going to let me leave;) Haha which I am perfectly okay with, because I am loving every minute of it!! :) I served in the Northwest part of Calgary for 5 months, and then the Southeast part for almost 3 months, and now I'm here in the South West part, right smack in between my last 2 areas... literally just across the street of where my last area ended... I feel pretty lucky at the point in time, so I can't complain! :) 
My new companion's name is Sister Halliday! :) 
She has been out on her mission for 14 months, and is from Colorado. 
She is CRAZY sweet! Oh man, I absolutely ADORE her already! :)
We live in this cute townhouse with two other sisters as well! (The Hermanas) 
So pretty much our lives are just a party because they are also crazy adorable! :) 

So long story short ,my life is really good right now!
There were a lot of changes, but I am really feeling so blessed! 
I think President just keeps sending me to serve with the best sisters out here! 
Hopefully they're greatness with slowly start to rub off of me! haha! Fingers Crossed! 

So because I live SO CLOSE to my last area, President Miles gave me permission to go and see Emanuel's Baptism on Saturday! I was so stoked! But sadly, the baptism fell through 20 minutes before it was supposed to start:( Emanuel's grandma had an accident and they had to take her to the hospital! So his baptism has been postponed to next Saturday instead... 
It was a really complicated mess for a while trying to find out what was really going on, and Sister Ence was feeling pretty sad and frustrated, so I was really really grateful that I could be there to talk with her as it all unfolded. I'm not sure if I'll be able to go all the way back up for his real baptism next week though, so we'll see how it goes. 

Speaking of Sister Ence, we picked up her baby(new missionary) on Wednesday and go to spend a whole day together before transfers, so that was really fun! Her name is Sister Hatch, and she is Super Cute! So i'm really excited for all the miracles they're going to see in the next few months! :) 

At transfers I got to see a few sister I love before they went home!! So that was really great:) And I also got to see Sister Blake again! Oh yeah, Sister Blake is now serving as an STL in my last zone where I just left, so I just missed her! That's a bummer, but now I get to see her every month when we have our MLC meetings! (Meeting for the STL's, and Zone Leaders)

AND! (Sorry, so much random information) Sister Halliday and I just picked up a new investigator named... you got it! Emmanuel. So that makes 4 Emanuel's that I have taught.... haha Gotta love it! 

But yeah, we don't have much time today because of Thanksgiving, 
I am grateful for a Savior and Redeemer who makes it possible for me to be thankful for everything else that I have. I am thankful to be a missionary at this time, and I am thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life that show me the type of person that I hope to become. I am thankful for all the snow we are getting, and i'm especially thankful for my winter coat. 

I love you I love you I love you!
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Dobyns:) 
Me, Sister Halliday, and the SNOW! :D 

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