Monday, November 14, 2016

Give it all to Him

This was... one of the single hardest weeks of my mission. 
Now I don't mean to worry anyone, because things are going great now! And I can only tell you that 11 November 2016 was the hardest day of my mission because it's over now, and life is well. I have learned to trust God so much more than I have before this week. 
Okay, now just remember, I have had a very wonderful, cushy mission, so saying it was the worst day and week doesn't mean much in comparison to anyone else. I recognize, and am grateful that I haven't had many hardships in my mission yet. 

In retrospection, it wasn't all that bad of a week! :) 
We had our Zone training meetings which both went really well:) 
We were able to see 2 new less actives, and 2 more less actives that we have been trying to get a hold of since I got here! And we got our flu shots! :) 

So what made this week so difficult you may ask? 
Well, as it turned out, in a 72 hour time frame everyone we have been working with, or trying to work with either (1) Dropped us, (2) Cancelled all appointments with us, or (3) had some sort of major challenge, or trial occur that set them back a ton! 
Now this isn't actually the first time I've had a week like this on my mission. 
But for some reason, this week it was simply particularly hard to focus on the bright side, and keep moving forward. 
I have always been the missionary who doesn't let much get me down, and if it does, I don't stay down very long (I know, hard to believe for those who knew me pre-mission). But this week, for whatever reason, each person that walked away, or slammed the door, or gave up on the gospel felt so personal. And after blow, after blow, after blow, I felt like I had reached the bottom of pit that was slowly burying me alive. 
But like i said before- Things are going great now! Truly great. 
I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned earlier in my mission that I feel were preparation for this last week. Even in the midst of despair I knew that everything was going to work out. I knew that even though I didn't understand why so many bad things were happening all at once, I did know that Heavenly Father had a plan for me, and each one of the people we had been working with. 
I studied hard the Atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ and relied heavily on the comforting, and enabling power of it. I read over the talk Missionary Work and the Atonement by Elder Holland and took great comfort in his explanation of why missionary work can be so hard sometimes. 
After many heartfelt prayers, I was finally able to get past the slump I was in and rededicate myself to working hard and knowing that we would be led to the people that we are meant to be working with right now. 
It's amazing how quickly things turned around once I stopped letting myself dwell on how hard I thought things were. 
Surprisingly enough- Our investigator who had dropped us, came to church on Sunday and told us he would like to meet with us multiple times this week. A recent convert who had told us he needed to take time away from the church, also came to church, and even brought his nonmember friend with him. And we have been able to fill our very empty upcoming week with lots of positive appointments! 
In short, almost every thing that happened that I saw as a great trial or disappointment, has completely been turned around! 
I am grateful to have had the trails we did this week because like I said, I feel like I have learned so much from it. I'm especially grateful for Sister Halliday this week. She was such a blessing to me as she did her best to have enough faith and positivity for the both of us! 
It seems as though last week was just a little bit of test for me to see how I would handle everything falling apart, and then as soon as I was humble and willing enough to turn my heart and trust over to the Lord, everything resolved itself again. 
I know that is not usually the case with our trials, so I feel blessed things were able to get better so quickly:) 

I love my Savior, and my Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for their careful hand in all that goes on in my life. I love my mission, and am so happy with all the experiences I get to have here. and all the growth that comes along with it. 

i hope you all have a great week and really try to remember to turn everything over to the Lord. Take a step back, recognize where your own pride may be holding you back, and let it all go to the Savior. He will take care of you. I can promise you as His representative that your life WILL improve as you sincerely give it all to Him, and walk away. 
I love you!! And most importantly They love you even more!
-Sister Dobyns

(Sorry I forgot my camera again... I'll send pics next week I promise) 

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