Monday, November 21, 2016

Transfers Already??

Oh man! I can't believe transfers are this week again!! Even though we had a 7 week transfer it still managed to fly by all too quickly!! I guess that is thanks to my amazing companion Sister Halliday making every day enjoyable:) We don't officially know anything about transfers yet, but odds are she's leaving me:( So I'm really bummed about that! I'm always so sad when It's time to leave a companion, But I have also really loved each new one I get, so I know whatever happens will work out:) 

So this week we had some really great lessons with our Investigator:) We talked out all of the concerns that he had last weekend on tuesday, and well, after all having a good cry together, he was excited to keep meeting with 
us! He was able to come to stake conference saturday night and sunday! President Miles spoke Saturdaynight and said some really amazing things I was glad he was able to hear! 

We had house inspections this week, which is always really... fun haha:) 

We also had 2 exchanges this week! I went with Hermana Amaller on wednesday, and with Sister Dewsnup on Friday! Those were both really fun! I'm really grateful to be an STL just so I can get to know so many really cute sisters:) 

Random tender mercy of the week- Our investigator signed up on our dinner calendar to feed us one night, and so we went with another sister of the Ward to Boston Pizza, and when we got there He said that he invited 2 more mormon friends of his. THen walked in 2 members of my Carburn park ward!! So I got to drill them on how all the people we were teaching are, and that was super awesome:) 

And last little blurb for the week: After Stake Conference yesterday we had another lesson with our investigator, and we invited a member of our ward who helped him resolve some of his concerns last weekend, and then also invited 2 elders from another ward who were are the church for the conference. That wasn't a very normal thing to do, but Sister Halliday felt like that who we needed to bring. 
Then as we discussed The Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was soo cool to see how things played out, and there were little things that each person that came added to the lesson. As we were preparing the lesson, SIster Halliday and I discussed not emphasizing baptism as much as we usually would this time because we felt he was getting a little frustrated by that. But then as we talked, and taught about the Gospel, the conversation just naturally flowed to a beautiful point where we had one of the best talks about baptism i've ever had! He didn't agree to baptism yet still, but we talked about some really good things that he is thinking about this week, and i'm excited to hear what he thinks about it this upcoming week:)

Things are going great here:) I love every day! I can't say that enough!  
Being a missionary is the greatest thing you could ever do! man, I love it!! !:) 

Thank you for all the love and support!
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Dobyns:) 
Exchanges with Sister Dewsnup! 

All the selfies with SIster Halliday:)

Exchanges with Hermana Amaller

Sister Halliday really enjoying her fruity pebbles from the states! (Thanks mom!) 

Pday at the Remmingtons! SO MUCH FUN! :) 

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