Monday, May 8, 2017

I love to see the temple AGAIN

Well It's been a good, very busy week! 
We had soo many appointments this week, it was awesome! 
Probably my favorite feeling is knowing that everything you do, you have to do quickly and efficiently because you have somewhere else to be. And we had that for like 3 straight days!! Partly because poor Sister Barlow was sick for a day and a half, so we had to reschedule everything that we had planned for those days in the rest of the week! 

But this thursdays is transfers!!! We aren't anticipating any changes with us, but We'll letcha know next week! 
And of course we're pumped for mothers day this weekend! It's so hard to accept that it will be our last skype call, but we're excited to chat with our families as always:) 

On wednesday we got to go to the temple again!!!
But it was a special trip our mission got to do! So all the missionaries in the south part of our mission went on wednesday and the north went on tuesday. 
That was of course an amazing time!
It is so powerful to be in the temple with the entire session just PACKED with missionaries. i don't think you could ever get better than that! (Besides maybe a session full of Apostles...) 
I just sat and pondered about everything in life in the Celestial room for a long time, and then we got to have lunch all together after too! 

This week has been CRAZY as far as the weather goes... 
We got to PLUS 29C for 2 days!!! I remember when it was minus 29C.... 
And then the next day it just starting pouring rain out of nowhere!!
So Sister Barlow and I had a good time running like crazy people through the rain, and sitting in our appointments literally dripping wet! 

But that's about it! No crazy stories to really tell this week! just an overall grand time:)

Love you all, 
I'll make up for the lame email with pictures:) 
Sister Dobyns:) 

Sister Barlow

Sister Frandsen

Just me:) 

The Sisters:) 

our beautiful pday last week! 
Sunny and beautiful!! 

other side of the temple:) 

I tripped on the sidewalk last Monday and scraped my knees like a toddler... 
now i remember why they cry so much:P 

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