Monday, May 29, 2017

Never Be Weary of Good Works

Wow there are so so SO many things that happened this week that I could honestly take hours to write about! BUT unfortunately I do not have time for that! So here is my BRIEF sum up! (Keep in mind this is the brief version) 

  • Love of my life Kaylan Bae McKelvie came to visit from Calgary!! Oh man, words literally cannot describe how happy I was to see her<3 We grabbed lunch with her and Stuart and then when our dinner cancelled, we grabbed dinner with them! :D And as if the gift of seeing my best friend wasn't enough, she invited her non-member friend from lethbridge to dinner with us too! Who we are now planning on teaching!!:D plentiful miracles! 
  • We did service for our Investigator Mike and his wife Kathy! We helped them with some yard work and plant their garden- And when Mike went inside for a minute to make some lemonade, Kathy told us that Mike is making so much progress, and explained to his dad was a priesthood blessing was this week, and shared his amazing story, and asked if he would want one!!! WHAT?? so awesome!!! 
  • We had Zone Conference and it was soo incredible! I felt the spirit so strongly the whole way through, and it just excited me even more to be a good missionary! I loved it so much! And while we were there they made a few announcements:
    1- P-day will now be held on TUESDAY starting next week! That will be a little weird of an adjustment, but not too big of a deal- so just a heads up when I don't e-mail next monday, I'm not dead. Just wait til tueday haha:)
    2- Our mission will finally be getting the infamous Teewee boxes in July! (So grateful I'll only be around for a month of those!)
    3- Once a week we will be required to park our cars and walk or bike for the day! We are super pumped about that one!:D We've been looking for an excuse to ride our bikes more so it should be good! 
  • We had a dinner appointment that was super awesome! The couple was so excited about missionary work, and coming out with us and things! And we have seen so many other members start to feel the same way! :D Hooray! 
  • We went to the yw activity and got to meet lots of the girls that don't come out to church. And once they had talked with us for a little they realized how normal we are, and agreed to see us again!:D 
  • We had a lesson with a recent convert out on the grass in front of the church, and right as we were saying the closing prayer it started to trickle a little bit. But as soon as we started walking towards our cars it just started down pouring!!! #perfecttimiming! Mini miracles all around! 
  • We met with our new ward mission leader, and assistant ward mission leader, and they are SO amazing! They have already helped us out sooo much! i know there are going to be so many miracles in this ward because of them! 
  • We had an amazing lesson with Mike again! And talked about all the miracles that he has seen in his lifetime, and how that has been God working with him. He agreed to give God at least 1 minute of every day- and then to build on that once he begins to recognize God answering him. And believe it or not that was such a miraculous commitment for him to make! 
  • We went to the food bank to fill out a volunteer form and the lady that was helping us with it starting asking us questions about what we do as missionaries, and what Mormons can and can't do- It was so amazing! We didn't even have to keep the conversation going because she was just so excited to ask us more questions! Then she had to run because someone called for her, but we are going to see her again next week when we start volunteering there weekly! 
  • We went to a ysa variety show and Maegan came and met a bunch of members of our ward, and made a lot of friends!! So that is SUPER exciting because now she wants to come out to more activities! Huzzah! 
  • We helped with a move for a few hours- and it was suuuper hot! But it went pretty quick so that was good:) 
  • We packed up our entire lives! because we are moving tomorrow!!! YAY! But wow... who knew it takes so much STUFF just to survive... 
  • We went to the mall for dinner and ran into sooo many members! i love it when they come up to us and visit for a while. Instead of having dinner by ourselves we were able to meet 3 different couples that were just visiting lethbridge for the day- So cool!
  • We also wrote our talks for sunday! 
Sunday: Man oh man alive, what a day! 
  • Long story short... we were RUNNING! a million miles an hour from 8:00-5:00
  • We had our coordination meeting in our family ward, and ran straight to our ysa ward council. we left that early to make it to our family ward council, which we left early to make it to our ysa sacrament meeting. we left early from ysa sunday school to make it to family ward sacrament, where we both spoke on member missionary work (sister melville did AMAZING) and then we had several members come up to us afterwards and give us referrals!!! They also asked us to sing in sacrament meeting soon, and kept telling us over and over how much they loved us and were excited to work with us!!!! SO WONDERFUL! Wow! While we were in sunday school we got a text from the ym pres asking if we could teach the lesson today so we did that, and it went great! and then we couldn't get out of the church building for an hour after church got out because so many members wanted to talk to us about things they need help with or would like! Seriously guys it was the most jammed packed 8 hours of my life!!! My brain never stopped running the entire time! So we came home and took a 20 minute breather instead of having our lunch earlier in the day, and then went back out for the rest of the night- 
  • Then when we looked back over our dinner calendar we realized we had 3 different less actives we have been trying to meet with sign up to feed us!!! 

....Phew! okay, I think that's just about everything! So as you can see, the miracles literally never end when you are working hard and doing what you should! 
I am so so grateful to be here at this time and to be here with Sister Melville! It has felt so good to be able to just work really really hard again after struggling for a few weeks. 
I love being a missionary more than anything else I have ever done! 
I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity that I have, and the time that I have left to keep working hard! 
I love you all! i hope you are doing well! 
please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you! 
have a great week!!! :D 
Sister Dobyns

Our whole lives are packed up sitting in our family room right now CANT WAIT TO MOVE! 

Us when we remembered that we never take any pictures! 

Shout out to my Bae! Kaylan Mckelvie! Love of my life! best day of my life! 

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