Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Miracles have not ceased!

Wow, I might have to start writing in bullet point form more regularly.... We are just seeing SOO many miracles that I am anxious to tell you all about!! What an awesome problem to have... so many miracles I don't have time to write about then all! :D 

Last Monday we went to a park with our zone and made campfire dinners, and it was awesome!:D
On Tuesday we had our big move!! And holy cow that was so exhausting!!! But our new place is suuuper nice! And we are (Very slowly) getting all unpacked and settled in:) 
Okay, So just some quick miracles: 
  • One of my members (Actually my last Calgary ysa bishop's mom!) called us over to give her a Book of Mormon, and help her highlight some parts she felt would help her friend so she could give it to her! 
  • We had a hiding less-active contact us and ask to meet, and now we are teaching her 2 unbaptized children as well as her! 
  • Our investigator Mike, actually read from the Book of Mormon! And his home teachers gave his dad a blessing! 
  • We were running to a dinner appointment, and their next door neighbor (a member also) was sitting outside and called us over to give us a referral! 
  • We started meeting with a new investigator who is married to a less active. It started out as him rattling off all his problems with the church, but his heart quickly softened as we were able to resolve all his concerns simply and quickly! 
  • A former Investigator we had no idea existed called us out of the blue and asked to start meeting with us again! 
  • Our new ysa investigator came out to fhe and met a bunch of new people:) 
We also finally arranged a way to go on splits on sunday so we can attend ALL of our meetings! And it worked out really well! On Saturday we had a "family fun run" that we had several less actives, and non-members out to, and had a great time, and got my first sunburn for the year! 
We went on exchanges.
Starting riding our bikes once a week. 
Almost got blown away while riding them... 
and started volunteering at the local food bank!

Okay! *deep breath* 
So I just wanted to invite you guys to follow the example of my amazing wards here, and pray to know what it is that Heavenly Father would have you do in your life to share this amazing gospel! 

In that talk by Elder Oaks he mentions 3 things ALL members can, and should be doing! I have witnessed miracles as members have taken this challenge seriously. 
The 3 and final point he makes is this:Inline image 5
This is not a passive or idol work.
And we each have a vital role to play. 
I would encourage each of you to take the time to pray to ask God what your role is. I know that as you do so with this commitment to act, you WILL receive guidance, and opportunities. But we do not get to choose what they look like. So please. Act on the inspiration you receive. Whatever it may be. I know you will be happier as you, and God will be pleased with your efforts. 

I love you all infinitely! And hope you have another awesome week of summer! 
I know that this work is true, and God wants the whole earth to have that blessing. So let's get to work. 
Sister Dobyns:) 

My Yummy Campfire Dinner! 

Our PACKED car moving to our new place! :D 

Family Fun Run! 

Our new bestie Maegan! 

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